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Rossmoor Crime Spree Ends With Pursuit, Arrest Of Alleged Car Thief And Burglar

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As reported by this site as incidents unfolded Saturday morning, Walnut Creek police and sheriff’s deputies investigating reports of burglaries and car thefts at Rossmoor ultimately arrested a 34-year-old in connection with those and other alleged crimes.

Michael Kemper, whose hometown was not given, was booked on burglary, vehicle theft, violation of his felony probation, and for being under the influence of a controlled

Michael Kemper/WCPD photo

substance, according to police.

Walnut Creek police officers were investigating a series of burglaries and vehicle thefts at the gated community in which a man reportedly entered homes and made off with car keys, stealing at last two cars from residents – one of which was later recovered on Rossmoor property.

Officers with neighboring jurisdictions were also made aware of the thefts, police said, and it was a Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputy who spotted a stolen car Kemper was driving, pursuing the vehicle through southern Walnut Creek before Kemper crashed the car outside a home on Livorna Road.

Police said Kemper ran into a nearby residence and attempted to commandeer a car parked in the garage before a sheriff’s sergeant and a Walnut Creek police officer detained him without further incident.



    • Dec’20. I just learned that the guy’s mother lives on the same street as the break-ins, he was living with her at the time. Also – he’s out of jail now, and rumor has it he’s back living with mommy in Rossmoor !
      My neighbor was one victim, awoke to find the guy in her bedroom at 3am !

  1. That’s not good at all. Friends have said they have heard about burglaries and other crimes in Rossmoor but I never believed it. I thought the community was protected.

  2. I read on another site (connected to this one) that he was entering homes with the “hidden key.” Gone are the days where you can “hide a key.” This man is a homeless transient.

  3. Unlocked doors and windows. Hidden keys that aren’t. Valuables left in plain view. We sure are making it easy for these people.

  4. Oh, another felon on probation turned on public. Standard operating procedure now in `sanctuary`California.
    I’m wondering if this street person was attracted to Walnut Creek because of the city’s homeless outreach program? Each year that they increase the funding- this year its 200,000- more and more street people are coming to Walnut Creek.

  5. @ Greg T: Don’t spout your politics where they don’t belong. There is nothing in the article to suggest this is a sanctuary case or that the perp is homeless..

  6. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean Sanctuary State in the meaning of illegal immigrants, but rather that we’ve become a sanctuary state for criminals too.

  7. Claycord.com reported that this man was a homeless transient. Just because it’s not in this article doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  8. The investigation determined that Kemper used the resident’s own ‘hidden key’ to enter the three separate Rossmoor residences, according to police. Looks like people need to find a better hiding place for their keys Do you use a hidden key? We don”t.

  9. Dec’20. My Skycrest neighbor was a victim of Kemper, woke up at 3am to find the guy in her bedroom going through he things ! Her son has kept up on the case – now the guy has been released from jail, and is reportedly staying with his mother – who lives on Skycrest ! where the crimes occurred.

    Apparently he had access to Rossmoor and/ or was staying with his mommy when the crimes happened, so it wasn’t a situation of a stranger somehow getting into Rossmoor..

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