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Latest Quake – Checking In At 3.6 Magnitude – Tops Shaky Morning In The 24/680


A still relatively humble but by far the largest temblor in a series of temblors to set San Ramon Valley resident’s teeth on edge rumbled through at 12:19 p.m. Friday, apparently epicentered in someone’s backyard off Richard Lane.

Locals who were hoping they had seen the end of the most recent flurry were surprised by the shaker, which struck equidistant between Danville and Diablo and apparently rattled a few teacups.

Although no damage appears to have been done, residents checking in with NEWS24/680 this morning reported a definite “side to side” motion to these latest quakes, latest and largest of a swarm of eight temblors to roll through the area in the last 24 hours.

Early morning wags chalked up the seismic activity to everything from backyard fracking operations to hard-partying neighbors, but nerves to appear to be fraying a bit as sleep has been hard to find for some.

Several thousand residents checked in with neighbors on our Facebook page as well as here.

Let us know if the earth is moving in your neighborhood!


  1. I’m tired and cranky and I haven’t had my coffee yet. I’m hoping I don’t get a telemarketing call because I’m going to unload.

    • @Elizabeth – Did Mr. Cat give you any advance warning? We’re looking for evidence that our pets can serve as Early Warning systems for quakes!

  2. Might be time for a trip back to England. Politics a little shaky but at least we’re on firm ground seismically!

  3. Guy at work said the quake woke him up and he read about it here or on your Facebook. And then his neighbor signed on!

    • @Tim – Yes, there are apparently a lot of early-risers around these parts! Or the quake work them up early! More the merrier, we say…

  4. That’s just righteous indignation bubbling up. Who knew it would be emanating from Stone Valley. I’d be checking to make sure the house is bolted to the foundation about now. Whole lotta shakin’. Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

  5. It’s just the old Calaveras making a few adjustments. Your stories from 2015 are almost identical to this latest swarm.

  6. My wife must be specailly sensitive because she says she has felt every one. I felt that 3.6 and that was all. Most people seem to understand what’s happening – but your comments have been fun to read!

  7. Your comment section has been a hoot. First chance we’ve had to sit down and read what everyone has been saying. Number 1 topic at the moment.

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