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Airsoft Pistol Recovered At Acalanes High School Wednesday

An Airsoft pistol. We do not know what the replica firearm recovered today looked like. Photo: Archives

An Airsoft pistol of unknown model and type caused a few anxious moments at Acalanes High School this afternoon after students spotted the replica gun and, thinking it was real, informed school officials of its presence.

The replica, essentially a special type of very low-power smoothbore airgun designed to shoot non-metallic spherical projectiles, was found in a student’s locker. It was not immediately known why the replica was brought to school, but its discovery on the same day a lethal school shooting was unfolding across the country in Florida, proved grounds for concern.

School Principal Travis Bell issued the following statement to parents of children at the school:

“Today, based on a report from students, an Airsoft gun was located in a student’s locker.  We worked closely with Lafayette Police who are continuing to investigate the situation. The student has been removed from the campus. We believe that the immediate response of our staff and Lafayette Police insured (sic) student safety.

“Campus safety is our highest priority and we are grateful that students came forward to report on their concerns.  Please remind your child to always speak up and talk to an adult if there is any suspicion of a weapon or a potentially unsafe situation on campus.

“Lafayette Police will be on campus tomorrow as they continue their investigation. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.”

Guns of various types and descriptions have been used locally recently in a game known as The Assassin Game, popular among local high school students and the object of a police call in San Ramon after teens were seen behaving suspiciously earlier in the afternoon.


  1. 17 dead in Florida – and bring a gun, replica or otherwise, to school. A little common sense goes a long way but unfortunately most teenagers don’t have any.

  2. I am assuming students are advised of the repercussions of bringing weapons or replica weapons to local schools. This type of behavior is going to take us to a bad place someday.

  3. As long as you don’t point them at a cop, they are reasonably safe (judged on a crazy teen boy scale of safety). Bad idea to bring to school (and tell people you have it), but excuse of “Airsoft war after school” seems pretty plausible, in my experience.

  4. Hard to believe someone could do that but then you have kids and you say No, it’s not so hard to believe. They can disengage the common sense switch pretty quickly.

    • @Kaye – “Removed from Campus” sounds like at least a temporary suspension and we guess the other option is TBD and dependent on the result of the investigation.

  5. In Europe at the moment and this is not playing well here. You can tell people are curious about what’s happening in the USA.

  6. The FBI is getting raked over the coals regarding its handling — or lack of handling — of the Florida shooters case and it sounds like that criticism is justified. But it also seems to me that there are hundreds of people out there just like this POS and that figuring out if they present a credible threat sounds easier than it is. And does anyone know how many calls law enforcement and the FBI gets about potential shooters? I doubt they have the people to investigate them all.

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