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Love Stinks – Sometimes – So Let’s Sing About It!


Talking with the readership as we do allows us to keep our fingers on the their pulse of things around these parts and one thing appears clear – the battle of the sexes is raging and heavy on folks’ minds!

Hooking up. Breaking up. Making up. All that stuff that comes with the ever-complicated games people play when chemical attraction takes over and, whammo, you’re helpless as a baby and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

We weren’t sure how to write about it or if we needed to write about it all but then we saw Elle King performing Exes and Ohs in Glastonbury and we thought: “Hey, great artists have already set this whole relationship thing to music – let them do the talking!”

So, here’s Ms. King with the song we mentioned, a favorite, and Mr. Gary Clark Jr. with a bluesy number we think captures the other side of the relationship whirlwind.  Good luck out there, lovers!


  1. Both great musicians and singers and I loved ex’s when it came out but going with B and Gary Clark because of the lyric “Just me and this guitar baby/That’s all you get!” doesn’t get any better!

  2. They’re both kinda catchy, but number #2 is a little too negative for this happily married lady. He’ll never get the ladies until he changes his tune…

  3. Second one is a kicker and simple and I liked it but the lyric is slicker in No. 1. Liked them both! Can you like them both?

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