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Moragans Get Some Comfort (Food) – New Bakery Coming To Town

Some of you may be familiar with the Reyna's food truck.

Following recent excitement generated by the opening of the new Starbucks Drive-Thru option in Rheem, local realtor Dave Schnayer checks in with yet more news on the local food scene – the opening of a new bakery and cafe near 24 Hour Fitness.

The family-owned business – to be known as Town Bakery & Cafe – is spearheaded by chef and area resident John Reyna, who learned his chops and other entrees working with chef Roy Yamaguchi in Las Vegas.

Reyna plans to open Town Bakery on March 1, according to Schnayer, and they’ll be offering breads, pastries, and many comfort food items – a lineup residents have expressed a deep hankering for over recent months. They’ll be at 337 Rheem Blvd., adjacent to Chef Chao and within after-workout walking distance of the gym.

“(It’s) not only a great concept, but also a wonderful local family dedicated to serving quality comfort food in our home town,” Schnayer said. “They (the Reyna family) have so far invested a tremendous amount of time, effort and expense and hopefully all of you will find something that you enjoy on their menu – as well as their friendly hospitality.”


  1. I wasn’t figurin on sayin nuthin. Mmhmm. But no one has spoke up. As a Moragan, and a Sling Blade movie fan, I would say that we like our taters here. Mmhmm. If ye got any taters and some potted meat that would be good. Mmhmm!

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