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Highly Caffeinated Moragans Take To Local Roads After Christening New Starbucks Drive-Thru Option

Photo: Cantu/Hudak Selfie

Blimey. We don’t know what qualifies as the biggest breaking news story in little Moraga – Chuck the Sink Hole; Jack In The Box Shuttering; Canyon Bridge Falling Down or The Arrival of NEWS24/680 but there’s excitement brewing in MoTown again this morning.

Turns out the game of musical businesses underway in the Rheem Center for much of the past year reached a critical new waypoint Wednesday with the opening of the much-heralded drive thru option at the Starbucks location there (site of the former Burger King).

A couple of coffee-savvy locals – and readers as it turns out – christened the drive thru lane this morning and sent in this photo from the front seat.

Our thanks to Krista Cantu and Enid Hudak for sharing their moment with us all!


    • @Erin – If she wasn’t earlier, she is now! We thank both ladies for having a great sense of humor and for sharing that photo! Made our day.

    • @Greg T – We must show restraint as we’re not business cheerleaders here but we have to say it would be nice not to have to travel to get that TJs cocoa powder we use to sift over the morning Latte! That reminds us… back in a sec.

  1. I know I am a killjoy, but these are indeed Modern Times when people choose to sit in a line of idling cars rather than park and walk 50 ft where they might encounter their neighbors. Cough!

  2. @David at least one of these moms is a mom to a special needs child and as a special needs mom myself, sometimes sitting in an idling car, not getting out might be the only way we can even get a coffee on some days. Let us enjoy our small conveniences and laughs when we can – thank you!

    @News24-689 this story made my morning – thank you for posting!!

    • @Morning, Amy! – Our pleasure. We’re suckers for pictures of critters and breaking news and selfies of our readers having fun! Glad that you and so many others got a kick out of the photo and glad that Krista and Enid were able to get out and have a laugh or two. Keep rocking!

  3. Amy, I will agree with you that moms and dads to kids with special needs are special indeed. We will just have to disagree on that other thing.

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