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“Look Out For Mr. Mayo And Carl Capers, Kids!” – Parent Creates Household Tableaus For His Children


A household with an 8-year-old, 10-year-old, and 14-year old bounding up and down the halls generates an energy all its own and proud parent Perrin Kliot set out to find little ways to keep his children laughing and engaged.

Kliot, co-owner of Lacis in Berkeley (if you’re good with your hands and find joy in working with rare textiles and bobbins and such, Lacis is for you), knows that children like to be surprised and delight in finding humor in improbable places.

So he set out to do what any devoted parent would do, he went to work booby trapping his home with fanciful creatures and creations for his children, delighting in their reactions.

“I love finding creative ways to surprise them when they least expect it,” Perrin wrote. “I can’t take full credit for the ideas but I have a way of pushing things way beyond the limit..”


That approach led to the creation of a googly-eyed cast of characters which have taken up residence in the Kliot’s refrigerator as well as periodic rubber ducky parades – which tend to pop up where and whenever the ducks’ mood suits them.

If you’ve ever found yourself sculpting a smiley face in a baloney sandwich or going the extra mile to make your kid laugh at his doting – but still weird – parent. Send us a picture. We’d like to see what you’ve come up with.


  1. Common practice around our household. One of my kids favorite is when I set their clothing up somewhere as “Mr/Mrs No-noggin” – the headless hero who can defy physics… Gets the day started off on the right (albeit invisible) foot…

  2. I’ll try to snap a photo of the next No-Noggin (a term my son came up with at age 3) appearance.

    I’ve also found that introducing say, mushrooms, as something cockamamie like ‘pine cones sautéed in banana slug slime’ distracts them from the fact they are actually eating… mushrooms.

    Kids are so better able to jump in to fantasy land than adults. We try to keep it alive in our household because it seems to really foster creative thinking. Many of the alternatives, like computers, TV, battery-operated stuff, etc are just no good. They seriously don’t need any of it if there are grownups around that are willing to play!

    • @GF – Agreed. And we eventually got over the mushroom thing. Can’t get enough of them now. Sounds like a fun household!

  3. Perrin and GF sound like fun parents! Parenting isn’t fun and games, but sometimes you have to make it fun for the well being of your children, and your own sanity.

    “Empty nesting” is AWESOME! There is a God…

  4. Thought I was pretty cool when we made a couch cushion fort for all the neighborhood kids and our brood — then the guy next door built a tree house and wired it with electricity. They’re up there all the time now. I think they moved a wine fridge in last week.

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