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Danville Police Announce New Alarm Permit System

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From the Town of Danville: 

Over the next two weeks, Danville homeowners will be receiving notifications asking them to renew their alarm system permits as the Danville Police Department has partnered with a new company to manage the permit and billing processes.

Under the Town’s Municipal Code, residents and businesses with alarm systems must register their systems and obtain an alarm permit. The new company managing the permitting, Alarm Program Systems, Inc., will be responsible for managing permits for residents. The emails, expected to be sent by the end of January, will contain instructions on renewing permits as well as a link to the permit form. Residents are assured that the email from Alarm Program Systems, Inc. are legitimate.  The new system will streamline the process for all alarm users and make yearly renewals a simple task.  Permits will be valid for one calendar year (January – December.)

As per the Town code, repeated false alarms can result in fines being levied. Information on the false alarm statue can be found at https://danvilleca.citysupport.org.

For those residents unable to open the email, who did not receive one, or have a new alarm system to register, contact APS at https://danvilleca.citysupport.org , by email at danvilleca@citysupport.org, or call (888) 865.9770 for assistance.

For more information, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Amy Ballock at (925) 314-3717 or aballock@danville.ca.gov.

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