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Last Picture Show At The Rheem Theatre Jan. 7; Manager Cites Lack Of Economic Feasibility


Backers of Moraga’s landmark Rheem Theatre are announcing the last curtain for the grand old Neon Lady this Jan. 7, saying the operation as it stands is not an economically feasible model.

Here’s a post from their Facebook page this morning:

It is with great sorrow that this Sunday, January 7, 2018, will be our final movies showing at the Rheem Theatre. It is not economically feasible to continue to operate the theater. We have an agreement with the property owner to keep everything intact in hopes that a reasonable solution can be found soon. We have put our hearts and souls into maintaining and making the Rheem what it is today. Thank you all for your support and patronage over the last 8 years.


  1. Oh my goodness! Here I thought they were already closed…..for years!
    I guess we could have been going there all along and helped their revenue, and enjoyed the location and ambiance. I feel partially to blame for their demise. I’m sorry.

  2. Repeating the same failed behavior over and over again while expecting a different result can be called persistence; it can be called optimism; it can be called insanity. It might be all of the above. I am no Steph Curry, but at some point the 3’s just don’t fall anymore, and you are left with a YUGE therapy bill. I recommend moving that neon beauty to Nations’ (which has proven longevity) and demolishing the theater. RHEEM PIES! On the marquee: Cherry! Coconut Cream! Pumpkin Spice!
    If that doesn’t bring comfort to the historical preservation society, they are lost.

  3. It’s sad, but sometimes you have to let go and move on. It’s healthier. Hold on to the memories, and be thankful for the good times. It’s time to say goodbye…

  4. It is Moraga’s only real local landmark now that the sink hole is gone. It would be nice to keep it around but this boy calling wolf, we’re going to close thing every couple of years is tiring.

  5. they are pretty to look at but I can’t remember the last time we went to one. even the new ones. and I make the best popcorn for about 35 cents a bowl. we pretty much just stay home

  6. Pot dispensaries are able to reliably pay the rent. Breaking News! They are legal now. Maybe the Town (currently in a state of financial emergency) should expand its thinking. We are semi-rural, but we are not rubes after all! If not a dispensary, why not be the first to license the First Bank of Ganja in the Golden State. The ganja cash problem is still awaiting a solution. Why wait for venture capitalists to monopolize that opportunity. Gavin Newsom, former mayor of the Town across the Bay didn’t wait for approval for same-sex marriage; he started issuing licences and approval came. License it and they will come. Imagine people, shoppers, in the ghostly retail spaces of Moraga. Is it but a Pipe Dream? A banker’s dream perhaps…a completely untapped, enormous cash market captured at its inception. Or, we could just increase everyone’s taxes again.

  7. Some of the comments are sad to read, not much love out here. I would say that more than less is when the property sells the new investor pays the going rate and wants to make a huge profit when they sell bringingvthe price out of reach for a rental price/they have priced themselves out of the market.. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time to when the property was affordable and If we could Inwould tell my grand parents to never have sold the valley to Donald Rheem

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