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Injured Mountain Biker Gets A Lift Out Of Briones Regional Park Saturday


Readers within earshot of our local parks were pinging us with vigor Saturday as they astutely noted the sound of rotor aircraft in their airspace.

In what has become something of a regular occurrence the Sheriff’s helicopter, STARR 1, was called upon to assist with an injured mountain biker in Briones Regional Park. (Video: Office of the Sheriff).

Many of you heard the helicopter at around 3:34 PM, when it was dispatched to help  Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire) firefighters in locating a mountain biker who was apparently down on Beacon Ridge Trail in Briones Regional Park.

Witnesses at the scene reported that the victim was suffering from several broken bones and head injuries. STARR 1 arrived at the scene and located the injured cyclist about four minutes later.

At the time there were no other rescue or EMS units in the area. A Con Fire Captain/Paramedic and a Flight Rescue Technician were deployed from STARR 1 and hiked down to evaluate the victim.

Due to the victim’s medical condition and the remote trail, STARR 1 short-hauled the victim to awaiting fire units approximately a half-mile away. He was then taken to a local hospital for treatment.


    • @Dan – Good eye! Nifty little gizmo. We’re not sure how long the local chopper/litter crews have been using it but we believe it was brought into play to negate the tendency of litter cases to “windmill” during extractions.

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