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Stay Frosty, Lamorinda

Photo: Greg Fulcher

Houseguests underfoot – er, we mean, with us this morning as we face a brand new, slightly frosty day the Eastern Provinces.

Greg Fulcher sent us this one word weather report on local conditions and we think it summed things up pretty well. The espresso machine is grinding, the houseguests have assumed cooking responsibility and we’re left to pen a few words and hope the kitchen doesn’t go up in smoke.

We’ve been kinda busy, doing the last-minute shopping and light hanging and decorating and such, getting ready for visitors and The Big Guy with the Toys.

But the Bad Guys Who Want Our Toys have also been busy, sticking up a poor dude on Grizzly Peak Road and Lomas Contadas last night, relieving him of his wallet near the appropriately named Frowning Ridge up that way.

Heckuva thing with Christmas coming and all. Getting robbed will take all the Christmas Cheer right out of you. We defer to our many (quiet) friends in blue who read these screeds but we think our local crews are ramping up production this year, pulling off robberies and burglaries and such. Purely anecdotal, which is all we have to go on right now, but things sure seem busy.

And please be careful on our roadways, which are slick though losing some of their cold-like congestion over the Holidays. I680 was a hot mess for much of Wednesday afternoon and although we don’t believe any serious injuries resulted some very un-Christmas-like words were spoken after your sleighs banged against your neighbor’s ride.

We’ll add to this as more news comes in but right now it’s orange juice and eggs and muffins, courtesy of the houseguests who are trying to earn their – hey, you guys really can cook! Okay, this may just work out after all.

Stay frosty out there, Lamorinda. Stay frosty.


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