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Four Local Teens Arrested For Drive-By Flare Gun Assaults


UPDATE: Arrests in this case. San Ramon PD report the arrest of four local teens and the recovery of the “flare gun” used in connection with this crime.

FROM San Ramon PD:

Within the past twenty four hours, San Ramon Police Detectives arrested four local juveniles in connection with the flare gun shootings that occurred on 12/16/17 and 12/17/17, in the City of San Ramon.

Three of the suspects reside in San Ramon, and one resides in Danville.  Their ages range from 15-16 years of age.  All four suspects have been booked into Juvenile Hall in Martinez, Ca.  Their charges include multiple felony counts of:

  1. 246PC – Shooting into an Inhabited Dwelling
  2. 182PC – Conspiracy

The vehicle that was used during the commission of the crimes has been located and processed.  12 gauge flares were located within the vehicle.

During the course of this investigation it was determined that no less than seven individual residences were shot at by the suspects, as well as numerous vehicles.  The residences and vehicles appear to have been randomly targeted, and not associated in any way.

The San Ramon Police Department would like to thank the members of the community who assisted in the investigation by registering their home security cameras in the “Citizen’s View Camera Registry Program.”

The swift arrests of the four suspects were a result of a collaborative effort between the citizens of San Ramon and the dedicated Detectives and Patrol Officers of the San Ramon Police Department.

If anybody has any additional information related to this case, please contact the San Ramon Police Department at (925) 973-2779.



  1. Random or targeted? Five separate homes on four different streets, my guess would be random. Unless you’re ticked off at a lot of people. How close are these streets?

  2. I would consider that a shot across my bows and the occupants of that car could expect a broadside in return.

  3. When you’re 16 years old, making a flamethrower with your mom’s hairspray and lighter and subsequently setting her curtains on fire by accident is one thing. But shooting a flare gun at occupied homes is entirely another thing and worthy of punishment.

  4. They are lucky they didn’t kill or seriously hurt someone. Perhaps time in jail will cure them of the desire for any future exploit

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