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Orinda’s Neon Lady Can Use Some Work – Or Get Used To Saying You’re From “NDA.”


Small towns are often identified by the neon marquee of the local movie house and Orinda is no exception, with locals often telling strangers to drive until you see the name on the cinema.

Orinda’s Marquee first beckoned moviegoers as World War II was breaking out but for the past eight months the “O”, “R” and “I” and half of the right side of the marquee have gone dark, leading to some identity issues for the town and fueling an appeal from the theater owners.

They’re hoping to raise $4,000 to repair the marquee with a GoFundMe account and they are well along on that endeavor, with various locals pitching in to ensure Orinda is ready for its closeup once more.


  1. I think Non-Disclosure Agreement is quite apropos considering the current climate of abusive men hushing any and all critics with money and threats of lawsuits whether real or just for the purpose of bullying the weak into silence.

  2. Lets remember, that in America we are still innocent until proven guilty. I find it suspicious, and the accusations questionable, when they are brought up just two weeks before an election. ( against anyone in either party)
    You have to really wonder what the motivation is in that case is.
    Re: the Orinda theater sign… I’ve been waiting for tickets go to “DA”.

  3. I think we should see if there’s any corporate interest in rebranding the marquee. Maybe change it to Apple Theaters or Qualcomm Plaza 1. That will really confuse everyone.

  4. Fortunately most of the funds have now been donated by those who truly appreciate the historical significance of this marquee.

    • @Danielle – With Christmas Elf Chris Nicholson kicking in the deciding donation. (Nice work, Mr. Nicholson! NDA, er, Orinda thanks you!)

    • @Siobhan – Gulp. That would be Mongo. We keep him chained down in the basement. Cuts down on labor costs. Why?

  5. We love the old movie theatres and have been to this one but times must be bad for them right now. Maybe the city would be interested in keeping their name up in lights? It is a recognizable landmark and one I look for whenever we’re driving past!

  6. This comment was posted by the Orinda Theatre yesterday at 3pm.

    “Thank you all who have donated to the marquee repair. We have now order the parts needed. We could not have done this with out all of you. Thank you to Facebook for sponsoring the campaign and showing us want a community-based fundraiser is all about. A big “Thank You” to Michael Wright and Brian Roby for your insight and sharing your knowledge. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

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