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Get A Whole Lot More Of NEWS24/680 For A Whole Lot Less…


… than you pay elsewhere!

Veteran readers know we have no PayWall in place here at NEWS24/680, believing it necessary to keep getting the news out to the people in a free and accessible manner.

Many have noted this in recent months, and taken it upon themselves to contribute very generously to our ongoing effort – something for which we are eternally grateful.

We’ve bundled a few of our most popular offerings into what we think is an affordable six month long package for your consideration and hope you will act on it. For the price of lunch at your favorite haunt you can get six months of Flash Alerts sent to your phone; unlimited property and business listings for the same six months (usual restrictions in place, of course), and contact with the hippest, rockingest bunch of neighbors you’ll ever hope to find.

If you’re with us and wouldn’t mind knowing when that grass fire is bearing down on your home or being able to tell potential customers about your selection of knitted tea cosies, click HERE to go to a PayPal link where you can get the ball rolling!



  1. @Chris – Most grateful to you, Chris, for your longstanding support. Let us know if there’s something you need posted. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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