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2-Alarm Fire Damages Moraga Home Monday; 1 Injured


Firefighters are currently (6:38 a.m.) mopping up after a swiftly moving fire burned through a home on Archer Circle early Monday.

Firefighters arrived to calls for help from neighbors and possibly a resident to find the single-story home burning fiercely at 4:48 a.m., with fire concentrated in the garage and roofline of the residence.

Interim Fire Chief Jerry Lee said one person, believed to be the homeowner, suffered second and third-degree burns in the fire, walking out of the burning home at the height of the blaze to be taken by ambulance to the burn center at UC Davis, according to neighbors.

Those neighbors also said the homeowner was saved from the fire by an unnamed roommate, who pulled him out as the fire closed in.

Firefighters arriving at the scene were in an immediate defensive posture and called for a second alarm. Two tanks of chemical acids – nitric and hydrochloric – were also found inside the home, prompting a callout to the scene and further investigation by HazMat responders – but were ultimately determined to be empty, according to Lee.

While the chemicals require cautious handling, they are commonly used together for a variety of reasons, including the processing of various metals for automotive or industrial applications.

The home burned for roughly an hour before the blaze could be brought under control, Lee said, and the house Рwith an early, estimated cost of $1million Рburned to its  foundation.

Lee said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Firefighters also reported power lines down in the area upon their arrival.


  1. Looks like someone watching from an adjacent property, to me. Hope the injured recovers, and THANK YOU to our amazing First Responders.

    • @Danielle – Ever knowledgeable. MOFD crews were hoping to get the victim to St. Francis in the city but found that facility unable to take the patient. He was taken to John Muir instead. St. Francis is known for the capabilities of its burn center and is a usual “go to” when burn injuries are encountered.

    • @A Onikuza – We know power lines were down when firefighters arrived. Unknown if they were down and touched off the fire or fell after the fire broke out.

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