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Search On For Highway 24 Road Rage Suspect

Photo: Robin Smith-Pizza

Family, police and perfect strangers are working to find a man in a red truck who allegedly pursued a 24-year-old Dublin woman east on Highway 24 after she honked at him Wednesday, eventually using his vehicle to force her off the freeway.

The resultant crash, reported as it happened on our Facebook page, brought bystanders and neighbors living near Second Street in Lafayette on the run.

“Her car flew in the air, hit two trees with one actually coming up out of ground and cracking, and her car landed upside down,” said Robin Smith, who ran to the crash site with her two teen sons after hearing a “terrible crunching sound.”

Smith and her sons reached the car along with another man they said came running down off the freeway. The car, she said, was on its roof on an access road adjacent to the freeway. Smith and others pulled the driver from the wreckage.

“Police said hitting that tree probably saved her life,” Smith said. “People reported that a guy in a red truck was chasing her… and took off (after the crash).”

The Dublin resident survived the 12:40 p.m. crash and is “banged up, but hanging in there and doing well considering that fall,” according to a relative contacting this site Thursday.

He said the victim explained that the incident started when the man in the truck cut her off in the Caldecott Tunnel, and she honked at him.

“He took the honk very aggressively and started harassing her and using very vulgar hand gestures,” the woman’s brother said. “She was constantly trying to get away but was unable to. As she got in front of him, he was on her tail soon to force her off the road leading to the fall.”

Reports of a moving altercation between the pair have filtered into this site since the crash, with some people giving different versions of the moments leading up to the crash. A license number for the driver of the truck was reportedly relayed to CHP investigators on Friday, though it is not known if he has been contacted.

The family is looking for witnesses and a cell phone they said the victim used to record some of the incident. It was lost in the accident with neighbors and family members searching the crash site Thursday for sign of it, some pictured using metal detectors during the course of their search.

Witnesses said the driver of the red truck stopped the vehicle after the crash, watched for a few seconds and then drove off. Anyone who witnessed the crash or who happened to get the license plate number for the truck is asked to contact the California Highway Patrol.


  1. Makes me made! I hope they find that creep in the red truck and throw him in jail! I’m so lucky if she came out okay and that horrible crash. I see road rage almost every day I worry how much worse it’s going to get people in the Bay Area have really gotten stressed to the max!

  2. PS: last Sunday I witnessed a black pickup truck that was trying to force a Jeep off the road that had honked him.
    I got on the phone with the CHP and was able to describe the truck and part of the license plate. They were very helpful and led me through some details but also told me to stay totally clear of it.

  3. Road rage has gotten out of control. I now understand why my dad told me in high school to “never get in the habit of using your horn – it’s not worth it.” I totally agree. If someone cuts me off in traffic I turn up my music, and let it slide.

    I hope they find him, and he’s put away for a very long time.


  4. I understand you guys have been looking into this a little more deeply and that’s good. There’s more there.

  5. Glad your investigating this and other incidents. this is almost a daily occurrence and people are dying.

  6. I watched on of these things go from 4 to 24 once with the asshats in both cars throwing everything they had at each other while rolling down the highway. Tennis shoes – waater bottles – tennis balls. It was insane. It was before dashcams but if I had that on video I’d be a millionaire.

  7. Geese HONK and will not share the pool. They can be VERY aggressive and stubborn and rude, but I have never heard of a fatal goose attack. What purpose would it serve? Humans do this. Regularly.

  8. Did the truck hit her car and physically knock her off the road? Or did she panic and drive off the road because the truck was intimidating her? I am very glad the victim survived, but I always wondered what it means to be “forced off the road” during an extended “chase” (versus a sudden crash ahead of you or whatever).

    It sounds like there were lots of witnesses. Hopefully they find the guy.

    • @Chris – Right. We asked the same question and were advised that the man in the truck made contact with her vehicle from behind and maneuvered her off the road. We have also heard conflicting observations from others who say they were out there that day. Still working this one.

  9. According to her gofundme page, she lost control of her vehicle. According to what she told a local news station, she honked at him and flashed her lights after being cut of in the tunnel. End result – road rage.

    I have more empathy and compassion for the innocent people on the road that might be affected by this (including family and friends) than two people who can’t control their anger behind vehicles weighing several thousand pounds.

  10. Wow people! Just because she used her horn and this happened DOES NOT MEAN TO STOP USING YOUR HORN! Horns can help warn someone who may be doing something that is about to get them in a accident. Ive prevented accidents a number of times from using my horn. I absolutely hate that people are afraid to use them. Please don’t let this jackass make you afraid to drive normally -use your horn to warn and use your blinker too!

  11. Melissa – Calm down. Don’t use your horn aggressively. Like when someone ticks you off – don’t retaliate. Of course you would use your horn to warn someone. People use their horn and lights aggressively – and they end up in road rage situations.

    Use your horn appropriately. Mature adults know what I meant, and I knew what my dad meant when he told me at sixteen.

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