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Orinda Announces Short-Term Rental Registration Requirement


An Announcement from the City of Orinda:

Effective today, October 5, 2017, the City of Orinda requires short-term rentals to be registered with the City’s Planning Department. A short-term rental is a property or a guest area on a property that is rented for less than 30 days.

The Orinda City Council recently passed an ordinance approving Orinda Municipal Code Section 17.3.12, which creates a short-term rental registration system with the following requirements:
• Registration form must be submitted including contact information and other key information about the rental. The property owner must sign the form.
• Short-term rentals are not eligible for Temporary Event Permits.
• Maximum occupancy of two people per bedroom + three people.
• Maximum of one short-term rental per property at any given time.
• Short-term rental operators must get transient occupancy registration certificate and pay transient occupancy tax (TOT).
• Property owner must affirm that short-term rentals comply with all applicable building, fire, health and zoning codes.

The registration fee is $100 and must be renewed annually along with a renewal fee of $50. The City Council will reconsider the ordinance in October 2018, after one year of implementation. Property owners who are currently operating short-term rentals have a two month grace period to register existing rentals (October 5 – December 5). After December 5, the City has the authority to pursue code enforcement on unregistered short-term rentals.

AirBnb, the most common short-term rental online hosting platform, has partnered with the City’s Finance Department to collect transient occupancy tax as an integrated service on their host platform and will pass this revenue on to the City. This means that hosts using the AirBnb platform will not have to separately pay this tax to the city.

Ready to register your short-term rental? Visit the Planning Department website to download the short-term rental and TOT registration forms at http://cityoforinda.org/365/Short-Term-RentalRegistration, or pick up the forms in person at the Planning Department counter at City Hall (22 Orinda Way).

Registration can be completed via mail or in person during the Planning Department’s counter hours: Monday – Thursday, 1:00 – 4:30pm. Comments or questions about the new short-term rental ordinance? Please contact Daisy Allen, Senior Planner, at 925-253-4238 or dallen@cityoforinda.org


  1. Welcoming the regulations, I’m heading to City Hall today to sign / pay up. I hope this will also be the end of the drama surrounding AirBnB / STRs in Orinda.

  2. @Robert: I respectfully disagree. This isn’t just about an individual homeowner making a few extra bucks on the side. Just as Uber and Lyft have been disruptive to the taxi business, AirBnB has been disruptive but it has also expanded my choices as a traveler. I support AirBnB as a customer. I have stayed at wonderful places in Europe where hotels just don’t go. The “hotel tax” on AirBnB helps to level the playing field when there is traditional hotel lodging in competition, and it supports police services in those rare instances where there are bad actors. I support this. Happy Trails to You!

  3. Good idea Orinda! As some people in the city’s neighborhoods will tell you Air B&B is ruining their little communities. The lamorinda area has had some bad issues in last few years because of these. Not widespread yet. Good move
    to nip it in the butt now.

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