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The Lethal Toll Taken In Las Vegas Touches The 24/680

Photo: Chris Lee

When we heard the persistent clatter of automatic weapons above a terrified throng of people out for a night of music in Las Vegas Sunday we could not help but wonder if friends or family were in the crowd there that night.

We crossed our fingers and held our breath as the roster of those killed and wounded in this latest atrocity in a string of atrocities was released – and the names of the dead and wounded began to filter back to friends and loved ones in their home towns.

Two of those killed had roots in San Ramon, it turned out, graduating as Grizzlies from California High School in the 70s and 80s and remembered by friends who saw their names and realized they had been taken.

On Monday, a floral tribute to Cal High grads Stacee Rodrigues Etcheber and Denise Cohen, killed in Sunday’s mass shooting, appeared outside the school. Etcheber was in the graduating class of ‘85 while Cohen graduated in ‘77. 


  1. Hold your representatives accountable. I’m tired of thoughts and prayers. I want some action and I want this insanity to stop. Churches. Schools. Nightclubs. Concerts. Give the people what we need – peace of mind and freedom to live our lives. One does not negate the other. Silence the gun lobbyists and their paid for politicians. They are complicit.

  2. I’m so tired of this obsession with violence and protecting the rights of killers to kill. Do something. Vote the enablers out of office. Get this done.

  3. I’m sure they are checking the firing ranges and shooting clubs and place where people go to fire their guns in Nevada becaause this man just didn’t buy all those weapons – modify them to fire like war weapons – and then get them all up to his room. he planned this and someone had to have known or suspected what he was up to.

  4. A very sad time in America. I read an article this morning. “Diagnosed or not, the shooting in Vegas is the result of mental illness.” I totally agree.

    Sadly, we live in a world where evil exists. And we’re surrounded by people with undiagnosed, untreated mental illnesses. It’s scary.


  5. Yet another tragedy that can easily be traced to liberal gun laws, and nothing will be done about it. If 20+ murdered children in Sandy Hook didn’t move this country, it’s hard to imagine what will.

  6. I’m sad for those who lost their lives, but I’m also worried about the mental health of the survivors. I don’t know how you live through something so terrifying and not come away mentally scarred. I hope the survivors find the support they’ll so desperately need over the next few months and possibly years.

  7. Gun Shop Salesman: “Can I help You?”
    Buyer: “I’d like a machine gun.”
    GSS: “Sir, you can’t buy a machine gun in this state…”
    Buyer: “Shit. I really want a machine gun.”
    GSS: “BUT you can buy this nifty little device that will make your AR fire like a machine gun…”
    Buyer: “I’ll take it.”
    GSS: And if you wait another few hours our legislators will make it possible for you to buy a silencer for that AR…”
    Buyer: “I’ll wait.”

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