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Water Features: Pools Of Reflection Or Wasteful Excess?

"We're only limited by the extent of our imagination." ~ NEWS24/680

Water Features

We like to examine trends in human habitation and the things we think are important for living in a rapidly crowded world, holding them out for discussion by others of like minds.

Our personal philosophy is to “Live Small,” hopefully with some California acreage around us – and, even more hopefully, in its native state. But we realize people have different ideas and views on what’s important in their homes and we have learned from discussions we’ve posted on everything from “bunk rooms” to always-popular bathroom innovations.

The calming sound of water on rock.


Today we’re going to take a look at water features, designs hopefully beyond the faux-Tuscan water fountain most commonly seen at the local home improvement store. Even in water-conscious California we like them for their ability to inspire us and, perhaps, ability to serve as a draw for local wildlife and as a key element for our growth and survival.

We include a few examples we found of interest and invite you to share any photos of your own (as many, we have learned, have been designed and built by homeowners themselves). Some have been designed by professionals, and may be of use to those of you contemplating your own backyard or courtyard Zen garden. Others were created to fill a need, and have been around for awhile – serviceable still after decades of use by man and beast.

Critters like water, too.

Water is a precious and essential element to life and, we like to think, can be used to enhance our place on earth, either through the trill it makes traveling over river stones, down a slate runnel or over a grateful landscape. We like to think we can bring it to our gardens wisely and efficiently and in a way it can be shared with those who need it as much as humans do.

Water can also be whimsical.

Working with water in your yards? Have any innovations or designs you care to share? Love to hear about them, as ever.

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  1. They add a lot to the yard. We put in a small recycler and spillway after we puleld up our lawns and put in drought tolerant landscaping. The water creates its own atmospher and is great for plants and we have also seen animals stopping by for a drink — mostly birds!

  2. Better than actual pools in my opinion. They are such energy suckers – even with solar. We have a small bubbler and our dog loves it.

  3. Ever since we visited Niagara Falls, I’ve wanted something similar in our backyard. If we can find an architect at the right price, I’ll send pictures…

  4. Hahahahaha! Our neighbor is a real do it yourselfer and he spend tens of thousands on one of those disneyland fake rock grotto things with chutes and a ledge to jump off and everything. It had everything. He ended up having it cut up and removed a couple of years ago. Took the guys three days and chainsaws and everything. Now he’s got something like the middle picture of the story and its much easier to live with!

  5. I’m for these water features. They bring joy and peace to life. Frankly, I’m fed up with the guilt trips that EBMUD and Governor Brown puton the people. Yes we are Mediterranean climate and yes we go through droughts and yes we always come back out of them. I never waste water I’m not going to have guilt put on me for even using water in the first place.

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