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Moraga PD Crime Log – Aegis Angst And Party Fever


Incidents handled by the men and women of the Moraga police department:

Aegis Check Case Under Investigation
Moraga police were contacted August 29 after a subject reportedly tried to pass a stolen personal check for cash. Officers discovered that a person, believed to be an elderly resident of the facility, had been contacted by a local bank and warned that a “suspicious subject” was attempting to pass his personal checks. The victim determined that four checks had been stolen from his room within the preceding two weeks and investigators are following up with their investigation.

Case Of The Errant Purse
Officers visited Saint Mary’s College early the morning of August 31 in answer to a report of a suspicious car on campus and talked with a person who informed officers that she had located a purse she believed had been stolen in Lafayette earlier that evening in a car parked outside her dorm. Police were able to determine that the woman, who had been drinking, had located her purse in a car belonging to a friend – who had taken possession of the bag for safekeeping while the pair were out for the evening.

The Gun, Not The Detective With The Cockatoo
Officers were called to the 100 block of Warfield Drive September 1 and informed the subject had discovered his Beretta pistol missing, possibly taken during a move to the area. The pistol was entered into a database of missing handguns.

“Too Loud?”
Police were called to the 2000 block of Ascot Drive in response to a report of a “large, loud party” at the location, finding about 100 college-age persons inside and outside the household and a large quantity of alcohol on hand. The party was broken up at around 9:59 p.m. and the residents signed a form acknowledging the town’s proclivity against loud and unruly festivities.

“Beemer Me Up, Scotty”
Moraga police stopped a gold BMW weaving in and out of traffic and traveling at speeds of 50 mph in a 35 mph zone at 3:51 a.m. on September 2 – stopping the car in the 800 block of Country Club Drive. Officers suspected the driver was intoxicated, arrested him on that suspicion, and determined his blood alcohol levels to be .18 and .17, respectively, during testing. He was cited for driving under the influence and released from the Martinez Detention Facility.

Love Those Gift Cards
As we reported to Flash subscribers as it was happening, police were notified of a man burglarizing a car in the skate park parking lot at 10:32 a.m. on September 2, then fleeing in another vehicle. A sharp-eyed witness gave a good description of the suspect and his vehicle and the car was stopped about 45 minutes later. Officers determined that the suspect was driving on a suspended license and, as his car was being towed, found a stack of gift cards subsequently identified by the victim as hers in his car.

More Festivities
At 10:57 p.m. on September 3 officers were summoned to the 1900 block of Ascot Drive for a report of another loud party. Upon arrival officers could hear music and conversation and contacted a tenant of the party property who told them a roommate was out of town. The host was issued a warning notice and agreed to send his 50 guests home.

Love Those Huggies
Moraga did not escape the current shoplifting trend rippling up and down the 24/680, with employees at Moraga Safeway calling police the afternoon of September 4 after two men made off with about $300 worth of baby diapers – fleeing in a black GMC Yukon. Investigators say one of the men was recognized from an earlier incident and detectives are on the case.

Suspected Elder Abuse
Moraga PD detectives are investigating a possible assault on a dependent, elderly person by his private care giver at Aegis. The incident reportedly happened September 2.

Stolen Car Recovered, Kinda
On September 7 police were called to the 300 block of Rheem Boulevard by a person who had tracked his stolen car to Moraga and who called police for backup. The owner was unable to take possession of the vehicle so it was searched, processed, and towed from the scene.

More Loud Music And Talking
Officers were called out at 10:33 p.m. on September 8 in response to another loud party call and went to the 100 block of Danfield Place where a loud party was underway with people walking in the street. Another call was also received as officers were on scene and they advised five occupants of the residence of the town’s loud and unruly party ordinance. About 100 people were asked to move off into the night – apparently without incident.

… 10:43 p.m. when police were called to the 200 block of Ascot Drive and a loud party cooking there. Three tenants, threat of citation, 20 guests moved along.

Burn Bag
We don’t know what was in it but apparently the owner preferred to have it destroyed than returned. Officers found a bag containing “unattended property” at Rheem Valley Elementary on September 11 and were eventually able to contact the owner – who asked them to destroy the bag.


  1. Undisclosed locations? Wow.

    I’m not on Facebook, so I’m bringing the story over here. Whenever a man takes pictures of women, it’s creepy, and he’s up to no good. He’s not doing this because he’s “taking photography classes.” If that was the case, he’d take pictures of anything and everything – not just pretty women. It might be legal to take pictures, but it’s creepy, and this man needs to STOP.

    • @Danielle – Morning, Danielle, yes that Facebook post is getting a lot of attention and it’s fine you reference it here. We didn’t post it here because we have no crime and we’re still assessing this person’s intentions. We’re noting specific references and accounts of encounters readers care to post as a real way to gauge the level of his activity. Thanks, as always, for writing!

    • @A Santos – Not our call. We get our information from Moraga PD. This information was not provided. We have asked for it.

  2. Withhodling addresses of incidents and any criminal activity is a HUGE disservice to the public. Why is this being done?

    • @Barbara – Not our call. We get our information from Moraga PD. This information was not provided. We have asked for it.

  3. Okay, I’m compelled to ask: why the out-of-the-blue interest by three (ostensibly) different commenters (within sixteen minutes) questioning the lack of specific addresses of incidents? I don’t know about PD protocols, but as long as I have been reading newspapers/sites it has been customary in crime logs and even longer crime articles to not give an address more specific than “the X-hundred block of ABC Street.” From what I’ve seen, this site has followed that approach in all of its crime logs. There are a lot of good reasons not to print the specific address of a crime or incident, and I have always assumed this was a widespread journalistic standard (or at least something strongly suggested by their legal counsel).

    • @Tom – The initial version of the log supplied by MPD was lacking block numbers, streets and we needed to point that out as it left a significant question (where) unfulfilled in the minds of readers. We asked for that information and it was ultimately supplied by MPD.

  4. I don’t understand why comments about one of your facebook posts are here. There is no mention of any of this in the MPD info posted here. You would have to do a Rosemary Woods to get your facebook post to appear here, one would think, and I don’t know how many of your readers are that nimble.

    • @David – If you were one of our committed, dedicated cadre of readers (ahem) you would know that they very nimbly jump from our Social Media feeds (FB, Twitter) to our site from time to time with all the agility of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. But, seriously, you will find that folks sometimes post questions observations about stories appearing elsewhere in our vast media empire in our site threads if they want them addressed, talked about. We see a lot of interesting reader dynamics developing here, actually as people use a variety of means to reach us.

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