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Zoomie FlyOver Of 24/680 By (Apparently) Armed F-16 Leaves Locals Wondering


With all this bluster and blow on the international front and missiles flying over sovereign nations you can’t blame people for being a little jumpy when an F-16 Fighting Falcon with air-to-air missiles on its wings made an attention-getting run over the 24/680 Wednesday.

Once again, our Tip Line lit up as callers reported hearing – and at least one videotaped – the fighter aircraft as it flew over us around 5:40 p.m., rolling and “jinking” as it left our airspace.

“He was pulling major turns and possibly barrel rolls. Flew right along Acalanes Ridge and then turned around and flew back out over WC heading southeast. Free air show!” marveled Walnut Creek resident Sean Sexton, who also managed to capture a few seconds of the flight on his camera phone.

It was so loud over San Ramon that I thought my blender was blowing up!” wrote Sue Wild. 

Calls to military and civil aviation agencies ended in a dead-end, with no one claiming knowledge of the jet or its mission.

Not everyone was pleased by the aerial display, with a few callers/writers criticizing the flyover for taking place over a densely inhabited area – and at a time when international tensions have heightened.


  1. I thought it was cool. My nephew is only in 7th grade but he wants to apply to the Air Force Academy. Fingers crossed that we wind up with a pilot in the family!

  2. “Tomorrow we’ll be having a simulated bombing run on Blackhawk…. ooops, no, make that Concord!!”

  3. It sure got our attention! Very loud but gone when we go outside. Knew we’d find out about it here!

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