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Shoplifting Raids Continue In The 24/680 – Pleasanton PD Arrests Two Tuesday

Photo: Pleasanton PD

Regular readers will know that our area has been hard-hit of late with small, mobile “crews” of shoplifters raiding local stores for items ranging from expensive wine to baby formula. Although the items sought by these crews may seem random, investigators say they have a currency in the criminal world and are routinely sought out by thieves. 

Pleasanton PD scored a minor victory in the ongoing battle against these operations with two arrests in their city on Tuesday, but other cities in the 24/680 have also seen an uptick in this sort of activity:

Photo: Pleasanton PD

At 5:58 p.m. on September 5, 2017, plain-clothes detectives from Pleasanton Police Department’s Special Enforcement Unit observed two men run out of Safeway on Santa Rita Road with a large quantity of baby formula. Baby formula is commonly stolen both because of its retail value and its ability to be used as a cutting agent by narcotic dealers. Detectives stopped the men a short distance away and conducted an investigation. During a search, over $1,800 of suspected stolen merchandise was recovered – primarily large containers of baby formula.

29 year-old Sean Ward of Oakland was found to be in possession of heroin packaged for sales and other items indicative of narcotics sales (water balloons, digital scale & packaging material). Ward had a felony warrant for narcotics sales, was on probation and provided a false name to detectives.

Photo: Pleasanton PD

35 year-old David Brown of Oakland had two warrants for drug sales offenses.

Both Ward and Brown were booked into jail on numerous charges.

The Pleasanton Police Department employs plain-clothes detectives from the Special Enforcement Unit for a variety of investigations and proactive enforcement to catch criminals in the act of committing crimes.

Please report suspicious activity, including suspected shoplifting, to the Pleasanton Police Department at (925) 931-5100.


    • @Tony – Definitely a win for local police and we agree about the weapon as they are often found in the presence of narcotics. Hoping our current influx of “visitors” continue to come “unheeled.”

    • @David – Apparently you can buy a small car (with the VIN numbers ground off) for about 10 packs of Huggies. That’s a joke – we have to point that out. Apparently people are figuring out that thieves are targeting these items for resale or for use as extenders with certain drugs instead of having a needy baby back at home. When we first started reporting this phenomena (years back, now) many well-meaning people contacted us offering to donate money to the needy family.

  1. Cutting drugs and selling diapers that aren’t covered by WIC. When Mom’s can’t get the diapers for free – the street value increases.

  2. Sean XXXX received 90 days in a jail. The case was dropped and he received a probation violation. Sometimes the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, he was back on the streets doing the same thing in no time. I got more time for squatting in an unoccupied residence while homeless; I robbed no one, no weapons, no drugs for sale but this happened in the same county. I got a strike for being homeless, he got to rest and relax knowing he escaped real punishment for his crimes.

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