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Man Flashes Knife At San Ramon Mickey D’s Thursday; Snatches $12 Worth Of Fast Food


Perhaps we need to chalk this and other seemingly hard to figure out incidents to our encroaching heat wave and degraded air quality but in one of the stranger cases to leave local law enforcement scratching their heads recently a man flashed a knife at workers and snatched $12 worth of food through the Drive Thru window of a San Ramon MacDonald’s before fleeing into the night Thursday.

We know that’s a long paragraph but some of this stuff requires some explaining.

Instantly dubbed “The Hamburglar” by one observer, it appears the suspect was in the Drive Thru lane at the Gateway Center MacDonald’s, 21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd., when he grew impatient with the speed with which his order was being handled, approached the window while brandishing a knife and snatched a sack of food through the window before it could be slammed shut by workers.

No injuries, we’re happy to report, and, yes, the suspect must have been really hungry to risk an armed robbery beef (sorry, we just had to…) but there you have it. Just one of several strange tales beginning to emerge as Friday gets underway in the 24/680.


  1. “Funny” (not really) how so many people think armed robbery is amusing. Ever have someone run up to you with a knife and bad intent?

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