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Marchers Gather In Walnut Creek’s Civic Park To Send A Simple Message

Photo: Women’s March Contra Costa County

Marchers worried by the actions of Donald Trump and what they say is a sense of divisiveness hanging over the land gathered in Walnut Creek’s Civic Park today, Saturday, and assembled on an adjacent ballfield to send a message of their own.

Organizers said the exclamation point at the end of their message was comprised of participants in pink and red, many wearing the now symbolic “pussy hats” which flourished during the Women’s March after his inauguration.

A helicopter captured the scene.

“This message emphasizes that we need to continue efforts to combat divisiveness and come together as one nation committed to the pursuit of liberty and justice for ALL people,” a statement released by Women’s March Contra Costa County after Saturday’s gathering read.


  1. Ending hate would be nice, but it’s not going to happen. We live in a world where people discriminate against race, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender, height, weight, mental health, physical disabilities, etc. Did I leave anything out? As wrong as it may be – people have a right to feel anyway they want to feel. It’s a free country. There will always be division… unfortunately.

    The answer? I wish I had one. But protesting isn’t the answer. It might be protected by the constitution, but all it does is lead to clashing (and violence) between the far left and the far right. They’re both extremists, and the reason most Americans are moderates – including me.

    You have to rise above it. Just for the record, I’m not a Trump supporter.

  2. Yes, nice message. Something we can all agree upon!
    and yes, I voted for Trump… and I trust the good things will be coming. I’m amazed of the constant negative spin that the media, especially our local channels are whipping up against the president. I honestly think a lot of it is hyped up too much and fanning people’s fears unnecessarily.. it’s interesting I just came back from a trip where I had the chance to watch local news in several other cities. And in those cities local news was about the local community. Here in the Bay Area the local news spends half its time on anti Trump National issues.

  3. We joined the rally for a while when we stumbled upon it while in Walnut Creek today. But I will say (and we didn’t vote for Trump) that we need to give the guy a chance. I’m beginning to think he’s being beat up upon unfairly ..and mountains are being made out of molehills. There are a lot of good things happening that are not being reported, like unemployment and the economy. And I’ve noticed this divisiveness increasing over the last 5 years, not just since Trump. Pres Obama – who we voted for – had a chisel in the divide.

  4. Thanks for the honest, civil and common sense comments on this site. I also see that our media is fixated on Trump to the point that there is no room for so called “love and anti hate”. They rev up the hate with their commentaries. I am a moderate and only hope and pray for our country to come together. “Together we stand, divided we fall”.

  5. As a moderate, I loved the comments on this article. News24-680’s comment to Monica, not so much:

    “@Monica – Dang Media Vultures. We oughta be flogged. Hey, wait a minute…”

    So tired of the snark. 🙄

  6. @Loretta – That’s snarky to you? I would think its snarkier when the leader of the free world points to the press he has assembled to film him and tells the world they’re turning their cameras off because they’re afraid of his truth and don’t want the people to know. Snarky is when you point to the media and call them all liars, and sick and people who hate this country. Thats snarky.

  7. Step number one in every tin potted dictators guide to total control is to silence the critics and blind those who would show the world what they are doing.

  8. I applaud these people for their commitment and the statement they made. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to fixing the problem. I think we’re on the way. At least I hope so.

  9. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to fixing the problem, but that only applies if the problem is within you. You can’t change the heart of others. That has to come within themselves. I believe in the power of prayer…

  10. If only it were so easy as to gather up several hundred good hearted and creative people and make all this stuff just go away so we could get back to being America. Right now we’re squabbling like children – and everyone on every side of the argument believes they are right.

  11. First marginalizing — “it’s all Fake News, trust me, they make it up” — and then demonizing — “They’re sad people, sick evil people, and they hate this country” is the first step toward silencing the media. It is amazing how successful Trump has been at this. You can even see the effect here in comments made here from time to time, which is astonishing. How far can they go? They’re murdering reporters in the Philippines and Mexico and arresting them in Venezuela. Here at home the president has mocked and threatened the press on camera. Then he sues them. The really amazing thing about that is his people cheer him for that. Choose your news — I have.

  12. I have no idea where this park is. I need to get out more or people need to hold these events at Safeway. I know where Safeway is.

  13. Not for Trump. Not for hate. For people working positively to retake a country spinning out of control. Kudos to those who thought this up and cared enough to make it happen. Very positive expression and so AMERICAN!!!

  14. The problem of tribalism and hate may be within us, but so is the power to correct a mistake and make change. Richard Nixon resigned only after public opinion turned against him. It took a long time, but it eventually stiffened the spines of Republicans in Congress who controlled his fate. His vice-president, Spiro T. Agnew, then became president. Oh, wait. No, he had resigned a month before Nixon declared to us that he was not a crook. Agnew resigned for unrelated corruption charges and pled guilty to a lesser tax evasion charge to avoid jail. Gerald Ford, never elected as vice-president or president, became our president in 1974. We are in an eerily similar circumstance except that public opinion will likely turn faster this time due to the power of social media. Nixon conveniently accepted a pardon from Ford. Acceptance of such a pardon carries with it an admission of guilt, btw. It is stipulated in the pardon itself. Many administration officials went to jail but not the top 2 dogs.

  15. “Retake a country spinning out of control” – I hope this isn’t going to require the use of those fidget spinner things that all the kids have these days.

  16. When will they be holding an “End Crime” get together? That’s the gathering I’m looking forward to. There’s a lot of divisiveness between criminals and those of us who are foolish enough to work for a living…

  17. Do you know if there are going to do anything like this again? I’d like to go. Looks like fun but also looks like a good way of getting the word out.

  18. Poor Gerald Ford. If the guy wasn’t falling down airplane steps he was being shot at by crazy ladies. And that Sara Jane Moore. Man, when she got out of prison, she looked like everyone’s grandma. You could have been shopping next to her at Whole Foods and never have suspected she once tried to kill a President.

    • @Tom – So interesting you mention that. We once had occasion to speak with the former Marine credited with spoiling Moore’s second shot (a whole ‘nother back story on that one), and he mentioned how surprised he was by her actions that day. Pres. Ford must have been pretty edgy when he left San Francisco after that one.

  19. Just back from 2 weeks with family in the UK and catching up. I like the way people massed for this message and managed to get their point across without it getting overtly political. As an aside, I am now considered an American – or practically an American – and subject to quite a bit of bashing politically. The interesting thing is now I find myself RESPONDING as an American, giving my family and friends their own back for our own political eccentricities. No one is getting out of this thing, trust me.

    • @Lori – Yes, we thought so, too. Near as we can figure just a smidge under 60,000 people saw this on the site and via our Social Media interfaces, which are also widely followed and read.

  20. What is this “hate” they speak of? All I hear is that Trump is full of hate. Does he hate because he’s enforcing current laws, or am I missing something here?

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