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CHP Investigators Looking For Motorcyclist After Jogger Hit, Critically Injured In Tilden Park

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As we reported yesterday, Wednesday, as it was happening, a man jogging on Wildcat Canyon Road just West of Inspiration Point was struck and seriously injured by a motorcyclist who then fled the area.

California Highway Patrol Investigators are seeking the public’s help in locating the rider, who was alone and traveling at high speeds over the solid double yellow lines marking the roadway, according to witnesses, in an effort to pass traffic when he struck the victim – a 39-year-old Piedmont man.

Witnesses reported seeing the biker strike the jogger, knocking him to the ground, and then immediately fleeing the scene at high speed westbound on Wildcat Canyon towards Berkeley. The rider was described as wearing a yellow helmet and a black jacket. Witnesses were uncertain of the make, model, or color of his motorcycle.

The victim suffered major injuries and was taken by ground ambulance to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek shortly after the collision was reported at approximately 6:35 p.m.

Investigators are requesting public help in this case, and ask that witnesses to the collision contact Officer Mitchell at CHP Martinez, 925.646.4980.


  1. Awful and hope this man pulls through. Anyone who could injure another and leave like that deserves extra punishment.

  2. Terrible. Wildcat Canyon Road, with its blind corners and lack of a safe shoulder, is not a place to drive or ride recklessly, and that motorcyclist is going to be in big trouble when he’s caught.

    That said, I would not jog up there either, due to the same issues with blind corners and no shoulder.

    • @Christopher – We did, Christopher, covering it as it happened on our Facebook page (accessible at the top of our site and worthy of bookmarking and a follow!). Our practice is to Flash and Facebook breaking news events until things harden up, at which time the stories appear in long-form on the site. The Flash is fast and meant to get out word quickly, Facebook is a little chattier. We have a lot of people using both…

  3. Where have people’s values gone these days? It seems people only care about themselves and and their own comfort and no one else. Of course it’s not universally the case, but it’s certainly is becoming a large percentage of people these days.. frankly it wouldn’t hurt people if they watched a few episodes of the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ series and maybe went to Sunday school once in awhile. Yeah I guess I’m old school even though I’m not that old.

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