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Lafayette PD Chalks Up A Burglary-Free July; Initiates “Lock Up Lafayette” Campaign


First it was their “Don’t Feed the Bears” campaign conducted jointly with an accelerated enforcement effort, but after some reported successes Lafayette PD is starting a new campaign of awareness for its citizens.

LPD Chief Eric Christensen reported that burglars – who had been hitting with alarming frequency there for a bit – stayed out of town for the month of July, apparently for easier pickings elsewhere as the town and its police force stiffened their defenses. (It is unknown if the chief will be bringing back the much-vaunted, burglar chasing “Bike Squad” as part of his most recent enforcement effort).

“So far in 2017, we have had a total of sixteen burglaries for the entire year – something that we can all be very proud of,” Christensen wrote in a recently issued report on the department’s efforts.

However, the chief expressed concern with the propensity of some residents to make it easy for anyone bent on taking stuff, and the city’s Crime Prevention Commission is launching its “Lock Up Lafayette” campaign as a reminder to lock windows and doors when you leave your home.

In 2016, 53 percent of Lafayette’s residential burglaries were accomplished by a suspect who did not even need to break into a home, they just walked in, the chief said. This year, Lafayette PD officers saw three burglaries in a single night where a suspect entered through unsecured doors to gain access to occupied homes, stealing property as they went.

Look for some new signage in support of the most recent effort, lock things up, and watch out for one another – that seems to work best when it comes to defending against folks bent on taking our stuff.

The men and women of the Lafayette police department.


  1. Thank you Lafayette PD! You’re awesome! A lot of burglaries are preventable, but please keep in mind some aren’t. We’re all at risk – anyone who has doors or windows, but I’m the first to admit I blame the victim when he or she sets his or herself up. It’s irritating to read about “preventable crimes.” And it drives up insurance rates.

    Lamorindans seem to have one of two mindsets. We take preventive measures – Fort Knox style, or we think nothing will ever happen to us because we live in a very nice, semi rural area with a low crime rate. Who would possibly steal from us? I feel so safe.

    Please take preventive measures. Thank you…

  2. I don’t care for “Lock Up Lafayette”. It has a negative connotation. I’m surprised someone signed off on that.

  3. Thank you Lafayette PD!

    I support a combination of tactics – preventative measures, like locking doors/windows and setting alarms and being vigilant (“see something, say something”) and stronger punitive measures against criminals to keep repeat offenders/career criminals off the streets.

  4. I like the “Lock Up Lafayette” title. I keep things in perspective, and I try not to take things out of context. My cousin lives in Lafayette (by Buster Posey) and she doesn’t lock her doors or windows. She doesn’t think it’s necessary. She didn’t grow up in Lamorinda, and I’m saddened by her naïve ways. Her street made the Lafayette police report (on this site) for “grand theft” and I hope it wasn’t her home. It’s a nice one.

    We don’t have this conversation in “real life” – respectful boundaries. God bless social media.

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