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Lafayette Man Killed In Barcelona Terror Attack, Wife Uninjured

Heidi Nunes and Jared Tucker about an hour before the attacks in Barcelona.

A Walnut Creek couple, Heidi Nunes and Jared Tucker, were caught up in the terrorist assault on a popular Barcelona pedestrian boulevard, with Jared Tucker dying from injuries suffered in the assault, his family has confirmed.

Nunes told NBC News that the couple were touring Europe in celebration of their first year together and were in La Rambla – Barcelona’s expansive pedestrian boulevard – when global terrorism became something very real.

“Next thing I know there’s screaming yelling,” Nunes, a local teacher, told NBC. “I got pushed inside the souvenir kiosk and stayed there hiding while everybody kept running by screaming.”

Nunes has been searching for Tucker – who friends and relatives say is from Lafayette – since the attack, driven by a photo which surfaced afterward which appeared to show her husband down and being tended to by civilian bystanders. His family confirmed they had been informed of his death by officials from the U.S. State Department.

The attack on the popular tourist destination was one of three to play out in Spain in recent days. Hours after a terrorist used a van to run down tourists in La Rambla, police shot and killed five attackers wearing bomb belts in the popular seaside resort of Cambrils, around 60 miles southwest of Barcelona. Six people were injured in the incident, which officials said may have been timed to coincide with the attacks in Barcelona.

The U.S. State Department said Friday that one American was killed in the attack, Tucker,  and another suffered “minor injuries.”


  1. Shit. I had to wonder with the popularity of the destination and the number of people out vacationing right now if anyone local would be involved in this. Really sorry (for everyone) and hope this man is ok.

  2. Truly awful scenario but I will say having been to Barcelona many times in the past that the people there are extraordinarily kind and compassionate and very likely to tend to a stranger. I hope he is located soon and was just a victim of the initial confusion that always seems to follow an event like this one. Our best totheir family and friends – and to the people of Barcelona.

  3. Kind of brings this whole terrorism thing home doesn’t it. It’s different when its someone you know. I pray he is safe and that they are able to come home soon.

  4. What an absolute nightmare for her and for so many other people. You have to wonder about the mind of people willing to do this murder. You have to wonder why murdering innocent people is so easy for them to do. Prayers

  5. Absolutely terrible. And yes it does make the battle lines more clear. I know who I am against in this fight against mindless zealotry, bigotry and violence. I hope this gentleman is found soon.

    • @Tom – So do we, Tom. Chalking it up to initial confusion that usually surrounds these incidents. We’ll update with any pertinent information when we get it.

  6. How awful. I was just thinking last night – wondering if any Americans were caught up in this this. They must be terrified. I wish we could find a solution to terrorism. I hope he’s found safe and sound. Prayers…

    • @Dawn – Madrid. Believe he’s in Barcelona now but cannot raise him. Things appear a little hectic right now.

  7. What a terrible thing! On vacation having a great time… next thing you know some nut case takes that away. Prayers to the injured.

  8. Tragic! so sad!
    I’m sorry to get political here, and I don’t want to offend anyone, but I’m really glad that our country now does scrutinize immigrantion from the Middle East. While It was criticized as being mean or even prejudiced , it was a wise move . Europe made a mistake by allowing the flood and is now forever changed. My relatives in Europe tell me that they have daily attacks, on a smaller scale, all the time now. They are both afraid and mad that their governments allowed this.

  9. Rob U…don’t apologize for something you do intentionally. Your insinuation that immigrants from the middle east are more of a problem than any other part of the world is ignorant. This is a time to morn for the family who has lost so much, not for hate.

  10. I saw this on the evening news. My heart goes out to family and wife.It really hits home now.
    Frankly, I also thought, along with sadness, some relief that this was not a daily occurrence here in America. Trump may be bombastic, but he is correct in extreme vetting of refugees coming in from Isis countries. They said they would infiltrate with the refugees, and have, into Germany, France, Belgium and Spain. They will have a problem with with this for years to come.

  11. @Rob U: I can’t ignore your comment. Putting a narcissistic, racist, willfully ignorant sociopath in charge of immigration or anything else does not make us safer.

    • @Rob and David – Gentlemen, while you touch on points of obvious interest and concern we would just ask you to remember that we lost a neighbor to global terrorism and that we would hope we can refrain from a politicized discussion at this time. We’re likely to have an appropriate and (hopefully) respectful forum for that topic in future, but for now – our thoughts are with a local family and their grief. Thanks.

  12. Dear BG, I am not hating. anyone. Please don’t label me that way. My mother immigrated from a country that had Strife in add extremists. and believe you me, that she was vetted extremely so before she was allowed to become a citizen here in America

  13. @news24-680: If you are going to allow xenophobic comments on your website, you are going to allow a response! I did not raise the topic, but I will not stand idly by. Ignorant hate speech will not go unopposed. The good immigrants (Melania) bad immigrants (Pedro, Mohammed) sentiment is an abomination that I will not abide.

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