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Moraga Police Log (The Zoomie Files)


You tend to pick up on various trends in the News Biz, be it the prevailing winds of the political world or something as seemingly mundane as the local police crime log.

There seemed to be an underlying theme to cases handled by the men and women of the Moraga police department last week, see if you can spot it:

Area 51
Officers stopped a Toyota on Augusta Dr. just east of Gleneagle the morning of July 20 and they must have some sort of skunk works down there because the driver was informed he was motoring through a restricted area. After further discourse, officers determined that the driver had had his license suspended due to a DUI conviction. The driver was cited and released after his sister swung by to take them home.

Warning: Objects In Your Rear View Mirror Can Catch Up To You
Just before the Witching Hour (midnight) on July 21, Moraga police stopped the driver of a Honda Civic as he allegedly rolled along Moraga Road (35 mph) at a robust 62 mph. Conversation with the 56-year-old motorist determined that he may have been imbibing prior to his excursion and he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Things got worse as Danville police contacted their colleagues in Moraga to report that they were speaking with the driver suspected of driving the wrong way in their town, the driver’s point of origin. Warrant obtained, blood drawn and the Honda pilot got a ride to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Bin Diving, Moraga-Style
On July 22 officers collected two large, metallic collection bins that had sprouted up on Moraga Way and Corliss Drive without the required permits. The bins were booked as evidence and officers attempted to contact their owner – but the phone number on the bins wouldn’t take calls and a web address was unregistered. Reminds us of the old “Fake Bank Deposits Box” scam.

Once A Copper, Always A Copper
Also on the night of the 22nd, a retired police officer tailed a car the ex-officer thought was being operated in a reckless manner over the last three miles they had shared together. The former LEO contacted serving officers and another Toyota was stopped, this time in the 1500 block of Canyon Road. After “blowing” a blood alcohol level of .18 percent (a no no), the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired and, after further negotiations which did not end well for him, got the ride to MDF in Martinez.

More MoRoad Zooming
The current streak of cars streaking past police at speeds officers determined to be objectionable continued the next evening, on July 23, when an officer stopped an Acura traveling north on Moraga Road near Corliss Dr. at 10:47 p.m. The Acura had been clocked doing 50 mph in the 35 and, again, the 48-year-old female driver was subsequently arrested for DUI.

They’re Tunneling Again
Hopefully, some of you have seen The Great Escape and will catch

our titular reference as Moraga police responded to Ascot Court the evening of July 24 after a resident there reported that someone had removed a wooden board from her backyard fence. Under investigation.

The Old Switcheroo
We’ve seen this one ourselves and it can be a pain to fix, but another local contacted police on July 25 to tell them someone had – without his knowledge – changed the mailing address associated with his account. Rightfully suspicious, the account holder checked further and discovered that someone had also create a secondary Synergy Bank account using his personal info. No loss, but the local was not happy and we do know the feeling.

… And Lastly
Bringing up the rear of our automotive themed crime files this week is the unfortunate – or perhaps, fortunate – local teen who zoomed past an officer posted on Rheem Boulevard at Fernwood Dr. the afternoon of July 25. Officers didn’t say how fast the Teen Toyota Skipper was going, but they did say they managed to get him into the Moraga Juvenile Traffic Diversion Program. So there.


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