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Orinda’s Miner Road Re-Opens; Local Drivers Say: “Wheeee!”

Photo: City of Orinda

Orinda’s Miner Road was re-opened at 8 p.m. Friday after some day-long touch-up by construction crews and final inspection by the city’s project manager. Locals, hungry to reclaim the popular thoroughfare after it was closed in January to repair damage wrought by a sink hole, were said to be lining up for an unofficial inaugural drive.

City officials said the road was re-opened with temporary traffic striping with permanent striping and a few other remaining minor items expected to be completed next week. However, they said, the road is now open and safe for public traffic.

City officials thanked the community for their “patience during the emergency closure” and reminded enthusiastic driver to obey the 25 mph speed limit.


  1. Yay, can’t wait to drive on it… As a recent member of this side of Orinda the only thing we have known is the endless detours

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