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Ladder Thieves Strike Moraga OSH Store

Photos: MPD

Moraga police are looking for two men they say visited the Orchard Supply Hardware store in town – leaving with three ladders they didn’t stop to pay for.

Investigators said the pair struck on June 15 at 8:40 p.m., pulling up to one side of the store in the car pictured above.

The men entered the store and proceeded to the ladder section where Suspect #1 picked up a 15.5′ Xtend + Climb ladder and Suspect #2 grabbed a 15.5′ and a 12.5′ Xtend + Climb ladder. Police said the pair then then walked straight to and out the side alarmed emergency exit without attempting to pay for the items, leaving in their car.

Police say the getaway vehicle appears to be a 1994 Toyota Camry (or similar) with a missing hubcap on the right front tire. Total loss for the ladders was set at $779.97.   Contact Corporal Tyler Olson if you have any information at 925-888-7168.


  1. How do you fit three letters with 15 ft lengths into a Toyota Camry???
    And I feel sorry for this store, as it seems to be hit every week by thefts.
    Surprise the crooks can’t be caught since there’s only two ways in and out of town now

    • @Greg T – We were wondering who was going to comment on that first! Certainly hope they remembered to red flag the haul when they drove away with them sticking out their window! But maybe these things really collapse…

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