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Moraga Police Log – Drone Peeping, Bondo Scam, And Scam Scams


Herewith, the ever-popular Moraga police log – replete with the adventures of local police as they patrol our little hotbed of suburban crime – and meet the most interesting people:

“We’ll Have That Dent Banged Out By The Third Psalm…”
One of the oldest scams in the book was reported in Moraga recently when a group of people with “heavy Eastern European” accents approached an older couple in a local church parking lot – offering to do some body work on their car while they attended mass. The couple told police the mobile body work specialists demanded $900 for some “minor body work” upon the couple’s return – something which was denied after some hasty counseling by the couple’s daughter (good work). The mobile body shoppe was described as “an older white Ford sedan” with two males, two women aboard. None of them appeared particularly suited to their chosen line of work.

“Let’s Have A Bonfire… In The Living Room.”
On June 2 at 2:22 p.m. Moraga’s finest were dispatched to a home on Williams Drive in answer to reports of a family disturbance. Officers were met by the homeowner, who told them his 36-year-old son was attempting to light objects in the residence on fire. Police took a dim view of this activity, located the son in question and detained him – officers determining that the man had a search clause in his probation. A search turned up “a small amount” of undescribed controlled substance and the alleged firestarter was arrested for the probation violation and shown the way to county jail.

“I’m 50… Crank It Up!”
Officers responded to an unknown household in town at 7:45 p.m. on June 3 after neighbors reported hearing “Smoke On The Water (just guessing, we don’t know for sure…) at louder than expected decibels. The uniforms noted the music could be heard “from several blocks away” and made contact with the Birthday Boy, who was celebrating his 50th (congrats). For his present, Moraga PD gave him a warning notice for hosting a Loud and Unruly party and the host had his band turn the volume down to 6 and brought his 30 or so guests indoors.

“Do You Get The Feeling We’re Being Watched?”
On June 5, officers visited the Rheem Valley Shopping Center at 8:44 p.m. regarding a person who was following teenage girls – with an aerial drone. This one is under investigation.

Please Hang On To Your Personal Info
We won’t list every case but it is apparent there are those among us intent on separating older folks from their hard-earned money through a variety of nefarious scams and schemes – some successful, some not. We write about these a lot, especially when a new one pops up, but we’ll just say we hope people see this and undertake to educate themselves about the problem. Locals – and older folks across the country – are being victimized at extraordinary levels.


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