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BART’s Biggest Fan Looking For Big-Hearted Fellow Rider


NOTE: We’ve been asked to help a local lad find a fellow rider he met and struck up a conversation with during a chance encounter aboard a Sunday BART train. Apparently they left an impression on each other and since we have a great many bicyclists pedaling around this site, we thought we’d put it out there. Read the story, and come forward Pedaling Man:

“Sooo…Gio loves Bart! We alllll know Gio can’t live without Bart. This past Sunday (05/28) morning we went off to start this week’s Bart trip. We take Bart about once a week and just go everywhere and explore all stops! With Gio being blind, it just makes sense to encourage him to explore all means of transportation.

“Well, we were arriving at the 19th street station and Gio’s cane kept slipping and hitting a bike. He asked what his cane was hitting and I told him it was a bike. He then loudly asked, “Where did you ride today?” and the gentleman replied telling us he went on a hike. He then asked how Gio’s morning was and Gio replied, “Awesome! We were on Bart all morning!”

“The guy gave a crazy look and said “You’ve been on Bart ALL morning??” I explained Gio’s fascination with Bart: after Gio’s first brain surgery, which left him blind, he was in a coma for 6 days. Next to his bed at Children’s Hospital (Oakland, CA) was a window that looked out over a Bart track which ran all day long. When he woke up from his coma, that’s what he could listen to all day and that’s how it all began!! He would make the room as quiet as possible to focus on the sounds and the vibrating windows. From that moment on he was in love. He was even one of the first 200 people in line to ride the new trains this past year. He’s learned every stop, every transfer, every fun fact, how long they stop at each stop, etc.

“After I finished the story, the gentleman looked impressed and it was apparent he didn’t want to stop his conversation with Gio. It was even more apparent that Gio made a new friend.

We finally arrived at the Lafayette Bart station and started to get off; Gio shouted “Bye, have a good day!!” in his usual friendly voice. Before we could exit, the gentleman quickly asked me if he could give Gio a gift, I said yes. As the Bart doors started to shut he quickly handed us a card and the Bart train went off. I looked down and I was in shock – he gave Gio a Bart train ticket. But not just a regular old Bart train ticket, but one that had enough money to ride Bart for the REST OF THE YEAR. It was a very generous amount!! We ran down stairs to the Bart ticket center and I asked the lady if there was a way to figure out who purchased the card. She said no

Please help us find this big hearted guy!!

Gio wants to say THANK YOU!! It was such a joy to be reassured that there are still good, kind, compassionate, and friendly people in the Bay. And with all of the horrible events that have been happening on Bart recently, it’s comforting to know that there are Good Samaritans riding amongst us on the train!

***All we really know is that he went on a hike/bike ride Sunday morning and he was headed towards Walnut Creek. I believe he got on at the 12th St. station and he did mention he was about to get off, so probably either Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill exits. I’m guessing he’s a frequent Bart rider since he had a card with such big amount on it.

Please repost to help us get a chance to tell him say Thank You.

Good people still exist!

Email: TeamGio.BartLover@gmail.com
Instagram: @Team_Gios_Journey


    • @Danielle – Yes. They go a long way, don’t they? As some have suggested it’s almost better if Gio and his benefactor never meet again. It’s already a sublime moment.

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