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Moraga Police Log – High Crimes, Some Misdemeanors


Case Of The Wayward Safeway Purse
We’ll start things off with a tale complete with a happy ending. On May 23, police were contacted by a resident who reported losing her purse at Moraga Safeway. Turned out she’d left the bag in a shopping handbasket and she reported it missing after leaving it unattended. Cutting to Happy Ending part: Turned out the basket – with purse inside – was believed to have been discarded and it was taken to a front register where it remained until it was recovered. No loss. No foul.

Sexual Battery Investigation
Moraga police are actively investigation an alleged case of sexual battery reported at 1:03 a.m. on May 26 in the 800 block of Camino Ricardo. Police say the case remains under investigation.

Chicken Coop? Grow House? Brothel?
Officers report they were advised that a certain residence in an unincorporated part of town may be used for “illicit purposes” at some time in the future. Hmm. The information was forwarded to the county sheriff’s office – which has jurisdiction over the address in question.

Also On Camino Ricardo…
Police patrolling the 800 block of Camino Ricardo at 4:24 p.m. the afternoon of the 26th spotted a suspicious vehicle parked in the area and contacted the driver – who apparently had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. As officers were making the arrest the suspect was allegedly found to be in possession of controlled substances. The person was transported to the Main Detention Facility and booked for the warrant and possession of the controlled substance.

“Yeah? You’re Gramma Wears Army Boots!”
Old Timers may get our titular reference and younger readers can google it but police were called to intervene in an ongoing dispute between a grandmother and 7-year-old child. Both parties ‘fessed up to yelling at each other before police arrived and officers determined there was no merit to the report of possible child abuse.

… And More Drugs
On May 29, Moraga PD officers served an arrest warrant at a home in the unit (first) block of Archer Circle. When the object of the search was detained officers allegedly found him to be in possession of a controlled substance so it was off to the Main Detention Facility for him.

Unmaking A Donation At SMC
On May 30 Moraga police were called to Saint Mary’s College in response to a call for assistance from campus safety officers. Officers determined that a Moraga man with no known connection to the college was on campus allegedly attempting to remove items from a donation bin. The individual was counseled against doing such things and advised not to return or he would face arrest for trespassing.

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