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Residents Living Near Pleasant Hill BART Asking For Help IDing Package Raiders


A Walnut Creek reader living in a condo complex near the Pleasant Hill BART station sent us this building surveillance footage of a trio of thieves breaching the building and making off with a number of parcels.

This theft occurred on April 21, our reader says, and there have been additional thefts since then. The video shows that at 7:02 pm, a man and a woman got out of what appears to be a late model Chrysler 300 series automobile and entered the lobby of the building.  Once inside, the woman kept watch while the man attempted (unsuccessfully) to break into various residents’ mailboxes as well as an outgoing mail slot.

During this time, the woman notices packages and some overnight mail envelopes in the secured section of the elevator lobby.  After they leave the building, the man is seen checking out the neighborhood while the woman continues her pursuit to gain access to the elevator lobby, which she eventually does by scooting into the garage before the gate closes after a resident exits the garage.  While going through the gate, she trips the sensor and the garage door begins to reopens and she waves for the car to enter the garage.  From there she gains access to the elevator lobby and is seen stuffing one package in her bag and then scooping up all the other items and leaving.

On the way out of the garage, the car stops and picks up the man who has been walking around (probably looking for the next potential theft spot).

It is fairly clear that the last 3 digits of the automobile are “445”.  Since this happened on April 21, there have been more incidents of mail theft in the Pleasant Hill Bart neighborhood.
Anyone with information on the identity of the thieves is asked to contact the Contra Costa Sheriff’s office and reference case no. 175138.


  1. Identity theft – the fastest growing crime. Get your bills “online.” That way, if they break into your mailbox, all they get is junk mail. Packages – stay on top of your tracking numbers. Do everything you can to stay one step ahead of the thieves.

  2. Grrrr. So mad you don’t have a grrrrr emoji! Hate these people. I know that is strong word, but I do.

  3. I hope they get caught.

    This video was taken almost 6 weeks ago. Are people or businesses afraid to get the information out sooner?

    • @George – Morning! We’ve encountered a number of reasons why images/video have not been released in a more timely fashion in the past. Sometimes the police want it held back for evidentiary reasons… sometimes it’s an issue getting them formatted quickly and in a way that can be shared. In this case, as in others we have exhibited on our pages, we saw this as a virtual blueprint for how these folks are pulling off these crimes – and we learn from that and hope our readers do, too. Identifying the responsibles in this case would be an added bonus…

  4. @ NEWS24-68- Good Afternoon and thanks! Your reply makes good sense. I was just thinking people’s memory start to fade after a few weeks so the sooner the information gets out the better.

    • @George – Believe us, we’re all for the rapid dissemination of this information as we have been able to do some good with it in the past. We do realize there are circumstances that might delay what we would consider a timely release of this material but, as you might expect, we’re all for getting it out there – and the “sooner the better”!

  5. Dude walking with his girlfriend int the carage didn’t want to get caught looking at the hottie mail thief!

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