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‘Lil Quilted Hearts Pumping Out Lots Of Love In The 24/680


We know you need a little “Pick Me Up” News Story during a time where they may seem few and far between, so here goes:

Veteran 24/680 Reader “Night Rider” (hey, we don’t make these up) was out and about in Lafayette when he came across this little piece of hand-made human sentiment pinned to a tree:

Heart Photo: “Night Rider”

Being of an inquisitive mind The Rider went home to wherever he goes during the day and ran a computer check on the little bit of cloth, ribbon and buttons and found it was part of an underground movement of folks across the country trying to reach like-minded individuals in need of a little human contact and outreach.

After a little pik-pokking around on the computer Rider came up with this site and the back story on his heart, which he says he now carries with him, and which he said reminded him of the gentle “Yarn Bombers” of yore – those who wrap everyday objects in colorful sweaters of yarn.

“A little bit of art makes the soul glow,” The Rider says. We agree.


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