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Moraga Police Logs


Incidents logged by the men and women of the Moraga Police Department:

“When You’re A Coog You’re A Coog All The Way…”
Not a West Side Story moment but Moraga officers paid a visit to Campolindo High May 8 in answer to a report of possible weapons and drugs violations at the school. Whatever they uncovered went unrecorded due to the age of those involved, but the case was referred to juvenile probation.

Ascot Blues
Officers visited a residence in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive on May 3 after a resident reported that someone had entered his carport storage locker – making off with approximately $500 worth of items. No suspects.

Back To Ascot…
On May 4, officers were sent to a residence in the 1900 block of Ascot in answer to a report of a loud party there. (We hear you going “A party? On Ascot? Noooo way…” but, yeah.) Officers heard the telltale sounds of a 2:34 a.m. LeaseBreaker and found about 20 folks discussing the merits of various alcoholic beverages inside. The All Night Party People were initially warned they were not endearing themselves to the neighbors, police said, but were apparently later cited for a Loud and Unruly Party violation when they didn’t appear to get the message the first time around.

“So, What Warning Sign Was The Tip Off?”
Officers met with a Moragan who reported they’d come into contact with a “financial advisor” over the Internet (Sign No. 1), the advisor arranging a loan through a bank for a vehicle purchase at the victim’s request. Our neighbor signed a $60,000 check against the loan and mailed it to a subject in Las Vegas (Signs No. 2 and 3) on the promise the car would be shipped to the buyer. Watchful bankers didn’t like the scenario and tried to put a stop on the check, police said, but it had been converted into a cashiers check (Sign No. 4) and, well, cashed. The final sign? No sign of the purchased car. Police took a report to document the scam.

They Really Like Those Ford F-250s
On May 5, police talked to a man who said he’d left his F-250 pickup to the rear of a location in the 1400 block of Moraga Road and returned to find it had been tampered with. The driver’s side lock and ignition were damaged to the tune of $300. No suspects, no leads.

Girl With History
Officers went to an address in the 300 block of Rheem Boulevard May 7 to serve an arrest warrant, making contact with a local woman and identifying her as the subject of their warrant. A records search turned up a local $162,000 arrest warrant for identity theft and drug related charges. The local was arrested and taken to the county lockup in Martinez.

“Don’t Leave Moraga Without It…”
A local came to Moraga PD offices on May 9 and told officers he’d misplaced his credit card while shopping in town the day before. Someone must have found the card because its owner quickly discovered that someone was using the plastic at various North Bay stores. We don’t know what they were buying.

SMC Benz Breach
Also on May 9 officers paid a visit to Saint Mary’s College to talk with a woman who said someone had entered her unlocked Mercedes while the car was parked in front of South Claeys – removing several items along with about $80 in cash. No witnesses or leads. 


    • @Brendan – We remember one of the “We have your nephew in a Philippine/Dominican/Nigerian jail and you can get him out for X amount of dollars” netting someone about $30,000 not too long ago. But we’re talking your basic telephonic scam, and not the really big swindles…

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