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ID Theft – Memphis Branch
Moraga police responded to Saint Mary’s College the evening of April 25 and spoke with a person there who said someone had used her personal information to open a separate checking account at a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Memphis, Tenn. Police advised the victim how to handle the matter.

Hardie Drive Burglary
Officers contacted a homeowner in the unit block of Hardie Drive the afternoon of April 26 and searched the residence after the owner reported someone had entered the residence – making off with electronics, jewelry, and some sports memorabilia. Case under investigation.

Time To See The Judge
Police contacted a woman on Rheem Boulevard at Chalda Way a little before 10 p.m. on April 27 and noted an active misdemeanor warrant for her arrest. She was placed under arrest and taken to the Martinez Detention Facility for booking.

Keys To The Case
A neighbor living in the 2100 block of Donald Drive called police the morning of April 28 after discovering someone had accessed his locked car sometime overnight and made off with about $100 worth of personal items. The car’s owner said the car was unlocked when he made the discovery and that he found two keys had been left on his front seat.

Prius Breach
Also on the 28th, a woman called police to report her Toyota Prius had been entered and about $50 worth of items stolen as it was parked in the 100 block of Miramonte Drive.

Airsoft Arsenal
Three of the realistic-looking rifles were picked up by police at Saint Mary’s College April 28. It was not known if the guns were confiscated or surrendered. They’ll be destroyed, according to police.

Ascot Car Burglary
A little further along into the evening of April 28 a woman called police to report her car had been ransacked while parked in the 2100 block of Ascot Drive. The owner was not sure if she’d locked the car but when she returned to it she discovered someone had taken about $260 worth of items – including the car’s master key from the glovebox.

Recidivist Partiers On Rheem Boulevard
At 6:32 p.m. the evening of the 28th, officers responded to a residence in the 200 block of Rheem Boulevard in response to a loud party complaint – and realized they’d been there before. About 15 “college age” revelers were invited to leave and did, leaving the two hosts to get cited for holding a Loud or Unruly Party.

Expensive Workout
On April 29 a patron at a “local fitness center” reported that someone broke into his locked gym locker made off with his driver’s license and credit cards sometime during his workout. Police said the thief or thieves then purchased more than $4,000 in merchandise in the man’s name. Apparently, police have surveillance footage of the incident.

Not A Telephone Booth, We Know – But A Record For An Apartment?
Also on April 29 police visited an apartment complex in the 1900 block of Ascot Drive and found another 86 “college age” revelers inside a single apartment with some bottled social lubricants in plain sight. The party was closed down, it being 11:12 p.m. and all, and the two residents were issued a warning notice for hosting such a bacchanal.

“You’ll Never Take Me, Coppers!”
On April 30, Moraga PD went to an address in the unit block of Archer Circle in answer to reports of a verbal dispute between two roommates. Officers encountered one resident in the front yard, the man telling them his roomie had broken several items in their kitchen and then locked himself in a back bedroom. Police said they were eventually successful in talking the subject out of the room and detained him – though he allegedly tried to pull away from them as they were exiting the residence, and then began slamming his head into the police cars before he was subdued. His roommate signed a Citizen’s Arrest form for vandalism and the individual, who apparently had been drinking a little, was taken into custody for vandalism and resisting police.

“Bro, It’ll Look Good In The Living Room…”
At 12:51 p.m. on May 1 officers took a report from a subject who said someone made off with a standard real estate sign post from the 2100 block of Ascot Drive.

And, Lastly, Some Good Neighbor News
Also on May 1 officers contacted store personnel at the Moraga Safeway and collected a wallet a customer had turned in after it was found in one of the store aisles. Officers were able to contact the owner and return the wallet. Who says there aren’t enough “Happy Ending” stories out there?


  1. I left my wallet in a shopping cart at the Moraga Safeway a few years ago. I went back 90 minutes later and an employee had turned it in to their customer service desk…really nice people all around.

  2. I left my daughter in the cookie section of the Safeway when she was 4, and they returned her to me the same day. I argued that possession was nine-tenths of the law, but they insisted.

  3. I left my husband in a foreign country several years ago, but he found his way back to the hotel. He insisted on coming back to America with me. He’s built like A-Rod, so I complied. We’re still together…

  4. When the warm weather arrives a young persons thoughts turn to losing as much clothing as they can and drinking as much as they can. It’s going to be a long summer!!

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