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Martinez Homes Darkened After Morning Crash

Photo: Pamela Dunn

At 03:17 a.m Sunday, officers from the Martinez Police Department responded to the 6700 block of Alhambra Ave. for a report of a vehicle collision into a telephone/electrical pole.  Officers arrived and located a single vehicle collision, downed pole and electrical wires blocking both north and south bound lanes of Alhambra Ave.

Electrical power was interrupted between Blue Ridge Dr. and Gregory Ln. in Pleasant Hill. The driver of the vehicle was not injured and preliminary investigation indicates the juvenile male driver fell asleep at the wheel, colliding with the pole.  There is no indication alcohol or drugs played a role in the collision and the juvenile was released to his parents at the scene after a thorough investigation.

Both north and south bound lanes of Alhambra Ave. are closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic between Devon Ave. and Virginia Hills Dr.  PG&E crews and Consolidated Fire are on scene currently working to restore power and open the roadway however there is no current time frame as to when the work will be completed at this time.


    • @Brendan – We’re glad he’s okay, too. Your Dad and our Dad must have gone to the same school! If we ever hit anything, we fixed it without his every knowing, that’s for sure!

  1. I’m glad he’s okay. Unless he’s just getting off work, I have a hard time believing a teen-ager at 3:17 a.m. on a Sat. night wasn’t partying. He’s not hanging out at the library or attending Bible class at that hour.

    I was born at night, but I wasn’t born “last night.”

    • @Chris – That one was on us. We tend to concentrate so much on current news we forget about the recent past. Thanks for reminder!

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