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3.8 Temblor Rumbles Blackhawk – Rest Of The 24/680


A 3.8 magnitude temblor originating roughly under Blackhawk rumbled through the 24/680 at 6:29 Saturday, stirring cocktail cubes and tongues in a few local bars where folks were grounded enough to feel it.

“It was a roller. Little one,” assessed Jerry Magnusson of Pleasant Hill, out on the street in Walnut Creek just to “see if anything was falling off.”

There were no immediate reports of any damage.

If you felt it. Sound off. Unless your a veteran Californio and too cool to comment on any shaker under a full-on 6.0.

Rock on!


  1. Yeah, sure, check the local bars to uncover what the local bar patrons felt. What are their feelings? Better than a seismometor! Welcome to news after science, news after Trump, news you can feel. It registered 3.8! You had to be sitting on top of it to feel it and think it was something other than someone falling off the barstool next to you.

  2. Come on David (post #4)….lighten up. ūüôā I’m surprised they didn’t try to blame it on Trump…..and Yes, you could feel such a quake, especially when it’s under you! Thanks, News24-680 for your always good, timelu reports, with a slice of humor.

  3. Felt it in Orinda and looked around to see if anyone else would react. No one moved. Fianlly I said did anyone feel that and everyone nodded… just no one wanted to admit to it!!!

  4. Felt it. Stronger than usual jolt and then a slow roll. The kids didn’t notice a thing and the dog and cats slept through it.

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