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Access-Challenged Moragans, Canyon Critters To Get Bridge Update Thursday


The latest traffic travail to befall Moragans and, by extension, their neighbors in Canyon south of town, has townspeople feeling a trifle – pinched.

Not since the arrival of Chuck the Sink Hole at a critical junction of Rheem Valley and perhaps the departure of the venerable Jack In The Box franchise have our mailboxes been so inundated with indignation, questions, and general off-gassing as the town works to find a solution to closure of its heavily used back door.

For all of you in hibernation and perhaps reading this for the first time (just hopefully not sleeping under Canyon Bridge), Canyon Road, between Constance Place and the Valle Vista Staging Area, remains closed due to structural issues with the bridge. The road is closed to all traffic – motor vehicles, bicycles, horses and pedestrians. Our local police say anyone attempted to cross will be cited.

The Town will be holding a public meeting to discuss the road and bridge closure tonight, Thursday, at 6 p.m., in the Council Chambers at 335 Rheem Blvd. The meeting will also be live-streamed, which can be accessed via the Town’s website and allows people to watch – and vent – from home.

A team of engineers, including geotechnical and structural engineers, are studying the issues affecting the bridge and working to come up with a solution. Its structural integrity has been jeopardized by earth movement and although the bridge looks normal and has been functioning as designed, this movement is causing problems and adversely affecting the support structure under the bridge. Engineers say if this continues to occur or if there is a rapid earth movement (say, an earthquake or landslide), the bridge can fail without warning and anyone on or around the bridge would be in danger. When the Town was advised of this risk to public safety, the bridge was closed.

Contact Information:
Jon King
Moraga Police


  1. Here is my concern: from speed bumps a decade ago to the sinkhole of last year our Town has proven to be a bit clumsy with regard to managing it’s infrastructure. My hope is that the closure is backed by solid engineering data and a solution is managed thoughtfully and efficiently.

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