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Close Call On San Miguel Drive In Walnut Creek Sunday


Contra Costa County firefighters were called on to remove an unwanted visitor from a home on San Miguel Drive in Walnut Creek late Sunday, the interloper definitely making an entrance.

The residents, none of whom were injured when this car crashed into their home at 11:36 p.m., snapped a few photos for posterity as firefighters swept up and winched the car out of the home.


  1. Not good, not good. I sure wish Google and Apple would hurry up with those self driving cars. We seem incapable of keeping between the lines.

  2. I simply don’t understand how one loses such control of their car that they wind up in a home. I mean, I understand crashing into another car on the road but crashing into a home with such force that you plow right through it is bizarre.

    • @Tom – We think we bored you/other readers with our yarn about a neighbor punching through the front of her garage, out the back and into the family pool (Moraga) and if it hadn’t been so potentially dangerous you could see a lot of humor in it. She was not hurt. Happens a bunch, though…

  3. News24/680… if you can’t beat them, join them! It’s sad that a certain segment of society will never have empathy and compassion for people with mental health issues, and I pray for the day that the stigma is gone. In the mean time, I conquer everything with humor! It’s the only way to get through life.

    I’m glad no one was hurt.

  4. I guess it’s just common sense that living in one’s own home is risky and we should just live in hotels instead if we can’t accept the risk of a mentally troubled person driving through our home and crushing us in our sleep.

    How’s that for humor?

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