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Walnut Creek BART Re-Opens After Unstable Person Talked Down

Health officials say a person with measles rode from Lafayette to Montgomery Station on BART.

BART trains are running again (5:30 p.m.) with service restored to Walnut Creek station after police worked for three hours to talk an “unstable person” threatening to jump onto the tracks was talked down successfully.

BART ran a Bus Bridge service between stations, ferrying riders between Lafayette and Pleasant Hill in addition to providing parallel service for passengers in both directions. Thousands of people spilled into the streets in search of a place to wait out the closure and traffic was heavily impacted on city streets until the person in question could be brought down at 5:30 p.m.


  1. I wonder if this is the same guy that fouled up my ride home from SFO late Sunday night, at West Oakland station… Same scenario.

  2. While you cannot place blame on Bart for this problem, the ongoing breakdowns,delays and general screw ups by Bart really magnify days like these. I do everything possible to avoid using Bart as I’ve learned the hard way it’s a hot mess.

  3. Why does BART always need to handle these situations in such a sensitive/cautious manner? Why is one unstable person more important than the daily grind of tens of thousands of working people? What a selfish thing for that person to do. Just throw a net over him, 5150 him, and keep the trains moving.

  4. Gee, I kind of agree with “Raised in Laf’.
    that some off-balanced people are allowed to disrupt tens of thousands of people all the time now. I don’t think they deserve the respect and kid glove treatment they get while thousands are really disrupt. Yes, talk to them nicely for 10 minutes , then, if they don’t comply, throw a net over them and haul them away for help. and let the rest of the world get on with life.
    I don”t advocating hurting any person,
    But letting these people – most of them are probably on drugs – disrupt the world should not be allowed either. It’s happening way too much to Bart lately.

  5. It’s the chance you take when you take public transportation. If you can’t handle “disruptions” – drive.

    Some people have more compassion and empathy for others, and I’m saddened by people who lack it. Compassion and empathy are learned behaviors.

    I hope he gets the help he needs. People with mental health issues deserve respect too. They don’t “choose to be mentally ill,” anymore than someone chooses to have cancer or heart disease.


  6. We also need compassion for: the retired couple who missed their Airline flight to Hawaii and it cost them more money and a lot of inconvenience to rebook the flight and their hotel. We need compassion for thr young lady who missed her job interview and will not be hired. We need compassion for the person suffering with anxiety attacks headed to their doctor and could not make their appointment. People are not really riding Bart for joy (other than the bums and those Street druggies who BART seems to tolerate riding the system all day long for free).. but people ride Bart to go to important meetings ,appointments , travel plans and livelihoods.
    I truly don’t think we need to spend 3 hours talking someone off diplomatically when after a few minutes you could throw a net over them and take them for medical and psychiatric treatment. That’s how it’s usually done in other parts of the world they don’t stop the world for one person who got kookie off the drugs..
    of course be kind and help.

  7. It’s a well known fact that public transportation sucks. If you choose to ride, it comes with risks. What happened yesterday was one of the risks.

    If you can’t handle the risks, you need to drive or have someone drive you to your destination. It’s common sense.

    We can agree to disagree. All opinions should be respected…

  8. Curious how you think that driving doesn’t come with risks. Common sense says it does. This morning, a big accident on the Bay Bridge caused a long delay. Protesters closing down freeway cause delays. And yes, a mentally unbalanced person wandering on foot on a freeway can cause delays. Those are well known facts.

    A narcissist who ties up a regional transportation system for 4+ hours is not a “risk” — it is a deliberate act of sabotage. I have no compassion for that person. I have compassion for the people who need to pick up their kids before school staff go home, or who are trying to get to their jobs, or are simply going about their daily lives without having to build in a 4+ hour window of flexibility because we do not live in a 3rd-world country and shouldn’t have to.

    If you have compassion for the narcissist, but not for those people minding their own business and trying to be productive members of society, then you are the one lacking compassion.

    Opinions that are logical and make sense should be respected.

  9. It’s possible to have compassion for both the suicidal individual and the impacted commuters. Most of us will go through a time in our lives where we will burden others significantly one way or another. I sure hope when I need that help that I am not around net throwers!

  10. What the police did was “crisis negotiation.” It’s what they’re trained to do. We’re an informed, educated group of readers.

    Most of us understand this…

  11. We could see the guy from work. The thing was he didn’t seem very high off the ground and we wondered how he was going to hurt himself by jumping. I will just say we were surprised it took so long to bring him down and after the first hour it was pretty clear the whole system was backing up. I’m glad people were cool but I have to wonder what would happen if we had a real emergency sometime instead of one guy having a bad day.

  12. Brian, you’re right. I do have compassion for the suicidal individual and the impacted commuters, but the impacted commuters aren’t the ones who are “in need.” They’ll be fine.

    You’re open minded, and I’m glad you realize net throwing is ridiculous.

    I do realize I’m not getting through to certain people, but I don’t care. I’m amusing myself hammering my point home. Only the strong survive…

  13. Pretty crazy. Really bad timing. We ended up getting a drink in Lafayette until my friends BF could come get us. I have to say there are a lot of crazy people around and BART seems to attract them. I ride with them all the time

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