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Moraga Police Log – Car Crimes


Recent incidents logged by the men and women of the Moraga police department:

Tharp Drive Beemer Targeted
Moraga police contacted the owner of a BMW who left her car parked on Tharp Drive overnight April 3 – only to find it “extensively damaged” by vandals the next morning. The method used by the vandals was not given, nor was there an estimate of damage.

Ascot Mercedes Also Targeted
In an apparently busy morning for taking car vandalism cases, Moraga police talked to the owner of a black Mercedes who had parked the car in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive that Sunday night – returning to the car to find three of its tires flattened and scratches left in the door and bumper. No suspects or leads, police say.

… And Let’s Not Forget Audi
Crimes against cars continued to come in April 4 as an Audi owner contacted police to report that someone had gone through the car while it was parked in the 100 block of Ascot Court. Loss was put at $200 – and there are no leads or suspects at this time.

Civic Burgled, Laptop Taken
Police took a report the morning of April 5, talking with the owner of a Honda Civic in the 1300 Block of Moraga Way, the car’s owner reporting that someone had broken the front passenger window of his car to make off with the computer – which was sitting on the passenger seat. Incident under investigation by police.

Ascot Jetta Burgled
Continuing with the automotive theme of things last week, the owner of a black VW Jetta contacted police the morning of April 5 – reporting that someone had entered the unlocked car to make off with several items while it was parked in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive. Loss was set at $170.

Sweet Tooths Arrested At SMC
Moraga police were dispatched to Saint Mary’s College at 10 p.m. April 6 after campus security reported two non-students had attempted to make off with candy dispensers from the school gym. Two suspects were detained and ultimately arrested for petty theft and possession of stolen property. They were eventually cited and released.

Another Car Burglary
Officers reported the theft of $100 worth of items from a car parked at a local apartment complex in the 1900 Block of Ascot Drive the evening of April 9. The car was parked in a car port at the time and nothing untoward was seen or heard.

Missing Person
Police responded to the 1900 block of Ascot Drive the evening of April 10 after a wife reported her husband had gone for a walk and not come back. Police searched for the man but were unable to locate him. He was entered into a missing person’s database and neighboring agencies alerted.

Runaway Car
Police responded to reports of a car into a light pole on Moraga Way at Moraga Valley Lane on April 10, eventually contacting the operator – who reported that she had parked the car and was getting out when it began to roll away, ran over her foot, and then struck an overhead light pole. The driver was taken to hospital for medical attention.

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    • @Amy – Our information is that a prowler was sighted up there, possibly carrying a pry bar of some sort, and police checked the area out but we don’t think anyone was located.

    • @Tim – Still no word on what if anything has been learned about the skeletal remains. We’ll bring anything we learn of substance once it becomes available…

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