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“See, Kids, Now This Is How Rumors Get Started…”

Mazi. Not the other "N" word...

As if we don’t have enough to talk about in Moraga these days there was growing Internet chatter on some of the local neighborhood forums about “Nazi Messaging” on Painted Rocks, the famed, multi-layered rock outcropping overlooking our fare town.

In this era of fake news and folks taking kernels of info and running into pizza parlors with it, we thought we’d show you the actual message and, yes Virginia, we do have “Mazis In Moraga” – he was a local soccer coach lost in a car crash last year.


  1. Wow. Heart breaking. My dearest Mazi passes away, we use colors of love and peace, and someone is going to talk about our color pallet and design? My heart breaks twice knowing there are such insensitive people in this town. I expect more of you. I demand more of this “new source”. You alone have tarnished the peace this sign has given us. You should be ashamed. You owe an apology. What you imply is insensitive, rude, single minded, short sided, and absurd.

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