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Moraga PD Promises Traffic Crackdown Along Detour Routes In Response To Complaints


From Chief of Police Jon King:

Moraga Police will be conducting additional traffic enforcement patrols of the newly open Rheem Blvd. and other detour routes during the Moraga Road construction. These patrols are in response to the residents who have expressed concerns about speeding and potentially reckless drivers on these streets.

Officers will be conducting high visibility patrols, using radar and other means, to enforce speed limits, crosswalk violations and other hazardous violations in these areas. Officers will be STRICTLY ENFORCING these laws. Drivers should always be cautious to obey speed limits and other traffic laws, especially while detours and lane closures are occurring.

Please contact the Moraga Police Department at 925-888-7055 with any questions or for more information.


  1. Chief King, please add Canyon Road(just over the bridge) @ Camino Pablo to your list. Waze is redirecting rush hour commuters and some of them blast out of the windy roads like its the Daytona 500 passing and flooring it. The crosswalk becomes very dangerous and making a left turn is a game of chicken given the high rate of speed of oncoming traffic. It is all unsettling at what was previously a calm intersection.
    Thank you, Katherine

  2. You are right Katherine. Wednesday morning a huge 18 wheel truck tried to turn around on Canyon!
    Got stuck of course and caused a mess. He had no business driving there but was following an app no doubt.

  3. I don’t think anything can be done about it actually. People are in a hurry. There are more of us on the road. Police can only hand out so many tickets. I don’t see a solution anytime soon.

  4. I think there is an assumption that there are a lot more police out there than there actually on patrol at any given time. If you speed or use the shoulder or cut people off you might be ticketed especially if you do that kind of stuff a lot. But the Where Are They When You Need Them saying doesn’t hold water when you take how many drivers there are out there. And for the record I think there is a perception that one road is worse than another and it may be true in some cases but for the most part ALL roads – even residential streets – are seeing more speeders and bad driving.

  5. Can you please have more of a presence at the corner of Corliss and Moraga Rd? It is so dangerous with the construction, speeding cars from Rheem and those turning left in two different intersections. Please! Kids ride their bikes around there all the time and the traffic is horrible and dangerous (especially with lane closures right at the turn lanes and construction vehicles blocking visibility).

  6. Many of the residential surface streets Corliss, Larch, Fernwood are in need of attention. I don’t think we will see it there though. Too hard to enforce.

  7. Thanks to all of you for your comments. We are working hard to monitor traffic and address issues in as many locations as we can. The number of citations that were written by Moraga Police was up nearly 35% in 2016. Please feel free to e-mail at king@moraga.ca.us with information about traffic issues that you are seeing or experiencing. Please include as much information as possible, including time of day or night so that we can accurately direct our patrols. If you are reporting something that is in progress or just occurred, please contact Dispatch at 925-284-5010.

    Jon King
    Moraga Police

    • @Chief King – Thanks for checking in, Chief! Folks are certainly interested in this project, as you know.

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