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International Women’s Day


Still on the march. Enjoy your day, Ladies!


  1. A male friend of mine once told me “we’re not living in a man’s world – we’re living in a strong woman’s world and a good looking woman’s world.” He must have been referring to his wife…

    Happy International Women’s Day!

  2. Today women are supposed to make a statement for gender equality in the workplace by not showing up to work?

  3. “I’m just glad we don’t have to wear those dresses any more!!!”
    What clothing options are you presented with today as a woman? If you are being told what to wear, you are being oppressed.
    If you have to present an aura of respectability just to speak about the right to vote, and that respectability presents itself as a dress that runs from the neck to the shoes…you are being oppressed.

    It is International Women’s Day. If you want me to march with you, I will, gladly. But first you have to be more pissed off at your circumstances and your daughter’s circumstances than that. I won’t march for second class.

  4. “She will have to be told very soon.”

    The movie is famous…from 1970. One of my best years. My girlfriend and I went to the drive in in a borrowed VW bus. Nixon secretly bombed Cambodia. (Who does that?) The female love interest in the famous movie is 24 and suddenly diagnosed with a fatal disease. The doctor discloses the shocking diagnosis to the husband. The husband responds, “This is impossible” twice. The doctor answers that with: “She will have to be told very soon.” Ya think?
    Now, that seems like yesterday to me, but even with the passage of 47 years, women need to stand up and be counted. We have a President who brags about the power of celebrity and the ability, the power, to grab women by the crotch without consequence, just because he can. Don’t kid yourselves. Things are not moving forward for you right now! March!

  5. Women in America aren’t oppressed, and we know it. We have more advantages than men. See above quote from my male friend.

  6. Apparently, not all women in America are offended by uninvited crotch-grabbing or for receiving less pay for comparable work. I must confess, I do not understand. If we are living in “a strong woman’s world and a good-looking woman’s world”, as your friend stated, why do strong, good looking women NOT determine the outcome? The facts do NOT confirm your male friend’s silly, off-the-cuff remark. And, if they did, what is the expectation for weak or unattractive women? Perhaps you don’t see this, but your friend’s opinion is truly offensive to women born unattractive or born into circumstances of poverty. Perhaps you don’t see this but your friend’s personal experience is not predictive of the experience of other women…women outside of his small circle.

  7. According to you, your male friend’s opinion of the standing of women in America is based upon a sample of 1 woman, his fine wife. And THAT is the basis of your argument that women in America are not oppressed. We are living in a world of strong and good-looking women because you have a male friend who tells you so. That is your argument? You argue that women have “more advantages than men”, but for proof, you refer to the quote from your male friend and a sample size of 1 woman as evidence. I find that explanation inadequate, and it begs the question of what to do with unattractive and weak women. Are they simply collateral damage in a strong/attractive women world? I don’t think they are going to just go away.

  8. David, you’re not a woman. Your argument is like a virgin talking about sex. How would you know what woman do or don’t go through? Women do have a lot of advantages that men don’t have. We can CHOOSE to have a career. Men HAVE to work. I work by choice.

    I don’t get paid less because I’m a woman. I work in a white collar, male-dominated profession. (Second career – former member of the medical profession). I’m paid more than some of the men in my same position. Why? Because I ASK for more, and I get it. ( I have access to payroll records). You have to know what you’re worth. Women can get away with asking for more, and they’ll seem “confident.” From what I’m told, men can’t get away with that.

    Women can CHOOSE to have children. Men don’t have any choice. If they’re not married or they don’t have a girlfriend – good luck! If a man gets a woman pregnant, he’s becoming a father whether he’s ready or not. The control is up to the woman. Not that having a family is important.

    In divorce situations (I’m happily married over 30 years – no experience here but divorced friends) women make out like a bandit. They get the house, custody of the kids, etc. A man looses his house, gets to see his kids every other weekend, and a lot of his check goes towards child support. And you wonder why men re-marry so quickly? Maybe men need women more than women need men.

    I do feel badly for unattractive women (or men). As far as poverty, people can pull themselves out of poverty, and you know it. It’s called rags to riches – and it happens daily. My boss grew up poor, and he lives in Atherton. Been to Atherton lately? He told me “he had no idea what he wanted growing up – but he knew what he didn’t want – a life a poverty.” So he put himself through school (student loans) and he’s doing okay financially.

    I’m rather taken aback by “crotch-grabbing.” I don’t know any women who have dealt with this. But as a woman, I do know that if you carry yourself in a respectful manner (act like a lady) men will treat you with dignity and respect. If not, you’re around the “wrong men” and you need to get away. I’ve never picked up the habit of swearing (it’s not very lady like) and men won’t even swear around me – even though it wouldn’t bother me if they did. Freedom of speech! Respect is like trust – it has to be earned.

    Strong woman and good looking women do determine the outcome for a lot of things! A good looking woman can break down the resistance of ANY man, regardless of his marital status. Men don’t have that power.

    But men will always have a “slight advantage” in the workforce, and women a “slight advantage” at home. It all works out in the wash!

    David – I’m stronger than you are, and I’m a woman. Gender has nothing to do with strength, and nothing to do with what you’ll accomplish in life.

    You’re not sticking up for women – you’re enabling. We can get through life on our own – thank you.

  9. More Advantages For Women (Part 2)

    Women CHOOSE to enter the military. Men have to register for the draft. I can’t imagine being happily married with children, and being sent off to fight a war. I’m sure people are proud to serve their country – but women have a choice. When men are drafted – they don’t.

    When women get pulled over, we are less likely to get a ticket – male or female police officer. No explanation needed.

    When men and women commit crimes – women get lighter sentences – if any sentence at all. Men “go down” – women “go home.” Granted, men commit more crimes, but sentences should be “equal.”

    Pretty white women “missing.” Goodness… God bless the media. When men are missing? Very little coverage.

    Women and children first? What happened to men? Men are important too. I love men.

    Would you like a seat? Men’s legs get tired too. Men outweigh women (sometimes by a long shot) and the more you weigh, the more it will weigh you down. I stay in shape.

    My point? See the glass “half full” – concentrate on your advantages and quit whining about disadvantages. We all have advantages and disadvantages. It’s called life…

  10. More Advantages For Women (Part 3)

    Women live longer… kind of cool.
    Society trusts women more… very cool.
    Women have lower auto insurance rates… saving money.
    Women have higher education levels… awesome!
    A lot of women make more money than their husbands – not me… thank goodness.

    The list goes on. The only place women need to “march” is into his or her office, selling yourself as to how much you’re worth. “Some” women get paid less because they accept less. You need to ASK FOR MORE. Until you do – you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

    Good luck to you!


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