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Danville – Letters From The Heart


Date(s) – 01/29/2017 – 04/09/2017
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Museum of the San Ramon Valley


The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is proud to announce its newest exhibit – The War Comes Home: Letters from the Heart.

This exhibit explores the joys, hardships, separation and the adjustment returning that soldiers and their families face as expressed through private letters and email correspondence.

These correspondences cover conflicts from the Civil War through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The War Comes Home runs from January 29-April 9, 2017 at the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, Danville CA.

Any veteran, family of a veteran, those touched by war or history buffs will find this an exhibit not to be missed. The War Comes Home Letters from the Heart explores conflict on a very personal level, that of the solider and their family.


    • @David – Quite right, that’s why these images speak to us as they do. This one happened to be made on tin. Others we have are on glass, some are hand painted. We think they are beautiful. Thanks for writing! Oh, the frame here is pressed foil, layered in over the tintype to frame it as you see… there were hundreds of different cuts and sizes.

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