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Suspects In San Ramon Home Burglary Flee – Wrong Way – Onto I-680 Tuesday


San Ramon police briefly fell in behind a white or silver 2013 Honda Civic with paper plates from a Livermore dealership Tuesday after its two occupants allegedly broke into the home of a retired lawman on Bollinger Canyon Road.

The burglary was apparently interrupted, according to police, though we are not sure if the homeowner or someone else happened upon the crime as it was occurring. A pistol was reportedly taken from the residence.

The car, driven by a woman described as white, age 22 to 35-years, fled at high speed onto 680 going south in the northbound lanes. San Ramon police terminated their pursuit out of concern for public safety as soon as the erratic driving began.

This story is breaking (12:15 p.m.) and we’ll update it as new details become available.


  1. A home burglary is not worth killing yourself or someone else in a high speed freeway head-on collision. They must be wanted for something else, too.

    • @Tom – apparently these folks were fairly committed, breaking into the home of a retired lawman and stealing a gun before doing the “Crazy Ivan” onto I-680…

  2. Breaking into the home of a retired lawman will get you chased. I have mixed emotions about police chases, but I trust law enforcement. They know what they’re doing, and when to cut it off due to public safety.

  3. As stated above, these thugs probably are wanted for something else. I will bet you that they were already wanted on warrants, or were out on parole. Come on folks, we need to start getting tough on crime, and stop the pitty and turning criminals loose right away. It is not working. We need to get tough for the safety of the hard-working public.

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