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More Car Windows Popping At 24/680 – Additional Incidents Cited Thursday

A NEWS24/680 reader sent us this picture of her pockmarked windshield.

Local police and the California Highway Patrol fielded additional reports of car windows shattering while motorists were driving in the area of the 24/680 connectors Thursday, with one person reportedly spotting a man and woman with a BB gun firing at his car seconds before his window shattered.

The first incident was reported as a possible shots fired at a vehicle in the area of I-680 southbound at Treat Blvd. around 11:50 p.m.

Police determined a BB gun was fired from a dark grey Dodge Charger with dark tinted windows and a red sticker reading “RL” in the rear window, the BB damaging a Volkswagen Jetta.

The suspects from the Dodge Charger were reported as a white female adult (driver) in her 30’s with brown hair and the passenger (holding the BB gun) as a Hispanic male adult in his 30’s with a black hoodie. The whereabouts of the Dodge and suspects are currently unknown.

This site has reported on a string of prior incidents – all along the Highway 24/Interstate 680 interchange – and two incidents, including the one where a description of a suspect vehicle was provided, today. Since posting news of these incidents, more readers have contacted NEWS24/680 with similar accounts.

In each case readers have reported driving on either of our local freeways but almost always near the “Y” connector when hearing a popping sound followed by either their car window shattering completely or a small, BB-sized dent appearing in their windshield.

A reader submitted a photo of her windshield today, Thursday, after her car was struck in the same area in recent days.

The “cluster” of incidents in this stretch of our local freeways is unusual, at least, and although we have also seen cars reporting damage by road debris in the same area in recent days, the reports do sound similar and have local police and the CHP on alert and investigating.


  1. When the last story was posted, I googled it to see if this was happening anywhere else on the highways. I drive Highway 24 daily, and I was curious. The only stories I could find were in Northern Colorado in 2015. The incidents that could be tracked down were shootings. How comforting.

    • Hey, Danielle… here’s a link to our Latest Story on this flurry. Remember, you can always search our site with that little magnifying glass thingee (our search function) to the far right of our menu bar at the top of our page.

  2. In the last month I have had 3 chips on my windshield by that bridge on the 24 just before the 680. Two of them were so loud I got a huge fright. The last two were this week. Have never had a chipped windscreen in my life so it seems weird to have a cluster of them in exactly the same area. I really thought it was from debris but didn’t see anything. Now I have to replace the whole windshield as one of the cracks is right in the drivers eyesight so cannot be filled legally apparently.

  3. It happened to me in the same area a couple weeks ago. It felt like a bullet hitting my windshield out of nowhere. Since I was so startled, I assumed it was a large pebble from a truck or something, but I soon realized there wasn’t any truck nearby or even a car close enough to have caused it. I went home very perplexed. I hope these people are caught!

    • @Kim – we’re hearing this a lot. If it is a man-made problem, we’re hoping they responsibles are caught soon, too.

  4. Pretty strange. Sounds like a lot of people are getting hit. Is there construction in the area and trucks on that stretch???????

    • @Bethany Ann – we’ve had no reports/complaints of gravel/construction trucks losing loads in the area, though we are seeing the results of damage done to cars from road debris of various types. The window popping incidents seem to be happening more than usual even for an area prone to such incidents and with yesterday’s sighting leads us to believe they may be intentional. Watching closely…

  5. I hope the police catch these scum-bags!
    Funny, a dark Dodge Charger with tinted windows…..I often see scummy types driving in that discription car. I know that is stereotyping , but that my car does seem to often attract a tougher crowd. I bet the police will find it if they cruised through the parking lots of cheap apartment buildings of Concord. Martinez, Pittsburg , Antioch Hayward. These people need to be put away…… So something tells me if they already probably have warrants out for their arrest or are out on parole.

  6. When they do find them I say we should be allowed to chase them down 24 while peppering them with bob guns!

    • @Danielle – We are, as we do not have the power of arrest in Contra Costa County – and people laugh when we show them our Roy Roger’s Sheriff’s badge from 1956!

  7. Interesting to watch this story progress through your site yesterday. I got a sense for how these things play out

    • @Alex – From the very beginning to the very end! Indeed. With a sense of the confusion that often accompanies these incidents.

    • @Dean – Any clue as to origin? Debris? Gravel truck? Neighboring vehicle with vengeful motorists wielding weaponry? Getting lots of reports now… glad you weren’t hurt!

  8. My windshield was hit 1/27/27 at about 5:30 PM traveling WB 24 as I approached the El Curtola Bridge. It was centered in front of my face, and much louder than a rock. Several neighbors have reported similar incidents.

  9. They were passing this story around on their iphones at Lafayette Peet’s today!! Talk of the town!!!

  10. I really hope the police are doing some undercover work on this… like sitting around those freeway overpasses watching who’s up there. This activity could cause severe accidents and deaths. Funny , the back of my mind wonders if these criminals own or are related to a window repair shop somewhere in the area?

  11. Our car windshield was struck around 455pm this afternoon. I have two similar cracks to those already reported in this article. We notified the CHP buy should we contact the Lafayette and Walnut Creek police as well?

    • Hi, Violette, and thanks for writing us… glad you are okay. Reporting this to the CHP should be enough as we believe the agencies may be sharing their information…

  12. Our family friend was driving in the 680 Fremont area and experienced a piece of metal the shape, but not the thickness, of a brick, come flying through her back window through to her front window, finally resting in her car. The PD didn’t seem very interested She had heard of another case like hers, same location. Has anyone else heard of this sort of thing in that or other location? It missed our friend’s head by a fraction of an inch. She’d have been killed. Lynn

    • @Lynn – First, glad your friend is okay. Second, we get reports of motorists encountering all sorts of debris on our roads, which is why we were not sure the reports we were getting from the 24/680 area were not accidental in nature and were in fact caused by man. But now we’re leaning towards the latter explanation.

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