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Caption This One… Win A Massage!

Photo: Pamela Dunn

Reader/Rover Pamela Dunn was out and about today, snapping a few pictures of rainbows and local automotive mishaps as the weather closed in and did what weather does.

Most of her pictures are on our Facebook Page but we decided to break this one out and make a little contest out of it. We don’t know what kind of prize we’ll award (we’re working on that), but the wittiest bit of captioning will at least earn you the undying respect of our news squad and your neighbors.

UPDATE: The folks at Elements Massage in Walnut Creek have offered a gift card good for a massage at their business for the wittiest caption entry. So there you go!

We’ll start things off with one of our own: “Whaddaya mean I can’t park here?


    • Ah, cool! We know the driver of the involved car could probably use a massage about now! Thanks for making this fun!

  1. “While everyone else was watching that darn inauguration and worrying about their Obamacare, I just wanted to make the Facebook cover of News24/680. I did it…”

  2. My daddy said, “Son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that Hod Rod Lincoln.”

  3. Returning home from a showing of “Sully” and feeling inspired, driver pushes the ditch switch, found inside the glove compartment.

  4. “Oh no, Jim, he muffed the turn there I’m afraid, the Romanian judge is going to ding him for that!”

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